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Commercial Auto / Trucks Insurance Fall RiverIf you own your own business, it is important to protect your investment. It doesn’t matter if you just own a single car that you use to run your day-to-day operations or if you have a whole fleet of cars and trucks, you need to make sure that you get commercial automobile insurance from a reputable insurance company in Fall River. Sullivan Insurance provides auto insurance in Fall River to a variety of business owners, ranging from small business to mid-sized business and larger corporations. You can count on your trusted Fall River insurance agent to get you the coverage you need. Just give us a call to get a comprehensive commercial auto insurance quote or use our online form to request information about commercial insurance in Fall River.

Similar to personal auto insurance, commercial automobile insurance can include:

  • liability coverage
  • personal injury protection insurance
  • medical payments coverage
  • property damage coverage
  • comprehensive car insurance
  • collision coverage
  • uninsured motorist insurance
  • underinsured motorist insurance
  • roadside assistance and towing coverage

It is important to make sure that your business has the right type of commercial insurance in Fall River to protect you from the pitfalls that many businesses face. For example, if one of your employees was to cause an accident while running errands for your business, making a sales call or making a local delivery, you could be held liable – even if they use their own vehicle. Your Fall River insurance agent can set you up with a commercial auto insurance quote when you sign up for a commercial insurance policy to ensure that your business is fully covered no matter what.


Sullivan Commercial Insurance in Fall River

When you visit Sullivan Insurance Company in Fall River, our agents will go over the different types of commercial automobile insurance available. We will provide you with information about various deductible amounts, coverage limits and ask you questions to determine whether you are eligible for any discounts on your premium. Call Sullivan Auto Insurance Fall River at 508-678-9611 to get a FREE commercial auto insurance quote or to find out more about getting commercial insurance in Fall River for your business.

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