Does a Fall River Car Insurance Policy Cover Rental Vehicles?

Does a Fall River Car Insurance Policy Cover Rental Vehicles?

One of the most common questions asked by vehicle owners in Southeastern Massachusetts is whether their auto insurance in Fall River extends to rental cars. Whether you are going on a road trip vacation, need a vehicle at an airport for local travel, or need to use a rental while your primary car is being repaired or maintained, it is essential to make sure you are protected. The good news is that you might not have to purchase that ridiculously expensive rental insurance policy at the counter if you have a quality MA auto insurance policy. Of course, most cut-rate insurance companies will not offer extended insurance coverage to rental cars, so it is essential to know what you have before you decline an additional policy. You can get a free car insurance quote when you call Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency for a Fall River car insurance policy.

Personal Auto Policy Protection

When you work with Paul Sullivan to get quality auto insurance in Fall River, your personal auto policy extends protection for both liability and physical damage whenever you rent or borrow a car while on vacation for less than 30-days. It also offers the same coverage when you rent a vehicle as a temporary replacement when your primary vehicle is out of commission. It is essential to know that collision, comprehensive, and substitute transportation is provided on a “primary basis,” which means that your coverage pays first, while the liability coverage is “excess” over and above what the vehicle owner’s insurance pays out, if needed. When in doubt, it may be in your best interest to purchase the coverage provided at the rental counter.

The policy limit of your substitute transportation, if carried, will only apply to a vehicle that is rented while your primary vehicle is out of regular use due to breakdown, repair, servicing, loss, or destruction. The primary type of coverage that is not included with your Fall River car insurance policy is something known as “loss of use,” which are charges levied by the rental agency for the amount of time their vehicle is out of service and cannot be rented. This is true whether you rent a car for leisure on vacation or business services. To cover the potential loss of use charges, many credit card companies will offer coverage for costs beyond what your insurance company provides if the vehicle was rented using their card. However, as each card issuer and policy is different, you should check with the company before renting a car to know what is covered.

Contact Your Trusted Insurance Agent

The best way to find out what your Fall River car insurance policy covers – and what it doesn’t – is to contact your local agent. At Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency, we pride in the strong relationship and communication that we have developed with our clients. When you purchase auto insurance in Fall River from our agency, you get a team of highly trained and experienced agents who are on your side and will work with you to get an MA auto insurance policy designed to suit your needs and budget. Not only can we provide you with a free car insurance quote, but we can also help you create a custom policy based on your driving needs and the type of vehicle that you own.

Since 1956, Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency has worked as an independent insurance agency with offers serving Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We work with many of the major insurance companies who operate in this region and a variety of specialty carriers to offer our clients a diverse menu of opportunities for policies with competitive pricing options. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer services for your Fall River car insurance policy while using the latest technology to deliver the most cost adequate coverage available. We provide a range of tools on our website to provide a free car insurance quote or obtain information about different types of coverage. You can also contact our team directly during regular business hours by calling us at 508-678-9611. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our services or discuss your existing policy.

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