Protecting Your Home & Belongings: Fall River Home Insurance

Protecting Your Home & Belongings: Fall River Home Insurance

One of the most stressful times in a person’s life is when they are planning a move. The idea of moving to a new location, leaving a long-term residence and memories behind, and having to pack up everything and relocate it can be a bit overwhelming. Whether you are moving within the city of Fall River or another city within the Southcoast area, make sure to contact your agent to discuss home insurance in MA. Studies show that approximately ten percent of Americans move every year, with more than 85 percent staying within the same state. Downsizing, upgrading, and moving closer to work or schools are often cited as the top reasons for Fall River homeowners to want to move. Make sure you take the time to protect your home and belongings by making a smooth transition with your Fall River home insurance policy. When you call Paul Sullivan Insurance and speak with a friendly insurance agent in Fall River, we can help you make sure everything is covered at your new location.

Does Fall River Homeowners Insurance Cover a Move?

Depending on the type of policy and coverage that you have, your existing homeowners or renter’s insurance policy may help to cover your belongings during a move. Specific types of loss, such as stolen items, could be covered up to your policy limits after the deductible is paid. However, other types of loss will likely not be covered, such as accidental damages to things by the movers. Check with the moving company or truck rental service to find out about additional coverage that can be purchased. While the coverage won’t be comprehensive or reimburse you more than 10-20 percent of the value, it is certainly better than nothing. Speak with your Fall River homeowners insurance provider for details about policy limits, types of coverage, and recommendations for insurance during this time.

Canceling Insurance at the Existing Property

Before you cancel your home insurance in MA at your current address, contact Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency directly. We can help you cancel out your existing policy, start-up coverage at your new address, and make sure everything goes according to your plans. If you are selling your current home, you will need to retain the coverage until the final documents are signed, and ownership is transferred to the buyer. If you are purchasing a new home, you will need to start a new policy when you take ownership. If you are renting in between purchases, or have your items in storage, contact our team to learn about renter’s insurance and other types of protection that you can use to cover your belongings during the interim period.

Moving Tips for Homeowners

Start by establishing a moving budget and consider everything you will need to do to relocate your things from point A to point B. Whether you decide to have a moving company take care of the heavy lifting and transportation or if you opt to rent a truck and do it yourself, there will be many expenses to consider. Make moving easier by going through one room of your home at a time to eliminate things you no longer want or need and pack up things you won’t use between now and the move. This will significantly reduce the number of items that must be packed immediately before moving, whether you pack it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Identify items that will require unique packing supplies, such as mirrors, flat-panel televisions, artwork, breakables, and other valuables. Make a list of all the things you will need to do, such as submitting a change of address with the post office, taking care of utilities, changing your address on insurance, driver’s license, and other identification. Please make arrangements for pets during this time, having them in a boarding facility or ask a family member or friend to take them in for a few days. This will make the transition for them a lot easier and will alleviate your concerns about them getting loose or lost during a move. Create a box of must-have items that you will unpack first, such as the coffee pot, cups, coffee, prescriptions, dog leashes, essential paperwork, schoolbooks for kids, charging devices, etc. This will make it easier to settle in on the first day without the panic of looking for those special items.

Get a Free Quote for Home Insurance in MA

No matter where you are going in life, it pays to have quality home insurance that will cover all the things that matter most. Contact an insurance agent in Fall River at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency to discuss your current and future Fall River home insurance needs. You can reach our team by calling 508-678-9611. Our agents are trained and experienced to handle home insurance in the Greater Fall River area and can help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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