Auto Insurance in Fall River: Full Coverage or State Minimum?

Auto Insurance in Fall River: Full Coverage or State Minimum?

If you are still making payments on your vehicle, the lender likely requires you to maintain what is known as “full coverage” auto insurance in Fall River. However, if you have paid off your vehicle or own it outright, you might be able to make adjustments to your Fall River car insurance policy that will reduce your premium and save you money. Each individual vehicle owner is different and has unique requirements that may make it in their best interest to maintain a full coverage MA auto insurance policy. The best thing to do is consider your vehicle, the way you drive it, the number of miles you put on it each year, and the location where it is stored before making any changes to your policy.

Seek Professional Advice

You can always contact your insurance agent in Fall River at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency to discuss your current policy. We can provide you with experienced insight and advice that you can use to make informed decisions about your Fall River car insurance policy. We can discuss the state minimum requirements, along with any additional coverage that you might need due to your driving habits, where you work, and where you live. The value of the vehicle itself can play a role, as it would not make sense to pay $1200 a year in premiums for a car that is only worth $1,000 and is rarely driven or even taken out of the garage. Your local agent can answer any questions you might have about your MA auto insurance policy and make suggestions that you can use to save money and protect your investment at the same time.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is the industry name used for the type of insurance typically referred to as “full coverage” insurance. Comprehensive coverage provides protection in case of vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, wildlife damage, civil disturbances, and natural disasters. Full coverage also includes a variety of additional protections, depending on the state where you live. Bodily injury, property damage, collision, medical payments, uninsured motorists, and roadside assistance are just some of the things you might find in your Fall River car insurance policy. Whether you require all of those types of coverage or if they are required by the state can be confusing. Your insurance agent in Fall River at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency can help you to navigate this essential part of vehicle ownership to make sure you get the coverage and amount that is right for you.

Saving Money and Protecting Your Investment

Figuring out ways to save money is essential in the current economy. However, cutting corners on vital services like home and auto insurance is not the solution. While you might save initially on your monthly payments, if you ever need to file a claim against your MA auto insurance policy and you have cut-rate coverage, you might not be covered. Some policies do not payout as well as others or cover all types of situations. You might be responsible for paying a larger deductible before the insurance company even starts paying for repairs or recover damages, which could put you in a financial bind. Make sure that whenever you get a discount for your insurance premium, that you still have the coverage you need to protect your investment.

Quality Coverage Since 1956

Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that has served the Southcoast Communities for more than 65 years. We have a proud history of providing quality MA auto insurance policy options to our clients and work with many of the major insurance companies that operate in this region. Our agents are also able to offer options with specialty carriers and provide a diverse menu of policies and competitive pricing options. Take advantage of our professional and knowledgeable staff today. Browse our website to see information about the type of insurance policies we offer for home, auto, business, and personal coverage. Contact an insurance agent in Fall River at our office by calling 508-678-9611. We can answer any questions that you might have about your existing policy or provide a FREE quote for new auto insurance in Fall River and the surrounding Southcoast area.

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