Post-COVID Changes to Your Fall River Auto Insurance Coverage

Post-COVID Changes to Your Fall River Auto Insurance Coverage

empty street with parked cars during pandemicDid you make changes to your MA auto insurance policy during the Coronavirus pandemic? Many insurance companies offered vehicle owners who were using their cars and trucks less due to travel and work restrictions to reduce coverage based on mileage. However, now that people are getting back to work, kids are going back to school, and families are planning road trips again, the type of car insurance coverage you need might need to be re-adjusted, as well. The best way to find out if you have the correct kind of Fall River auto insurance for your needs is to speak with a trusted agent at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency. We have provided quality Fall River auto insurance to our customers for many years and offer competitive rates, comprehensive coverage, and options based on your needs and budget.

How Many People Reduced Their Driving Habits?

One study recently published by Transunion revealed that insurance companies in the United States saw many changes in the need for coverage, not just for auto insurance but also for other coverage types. The Coronavirus pandemic changed the needs of consumers with regard to insurance and has the potential to continue to influence the way that people use their vehicles in the future. Even by late 2021, the percentage of drivers who use their car less than they did pre-COVID-19 or do not even use their cars anymore was at more than 70 percent. All generations were impacted by this trend, including Gen-Z at 65 percent, Millennials at 72 percent, Gen Xers at 73 percent, and Boomers at 75 percent.

It is anticipated that there will be many ongoing effects of the pandemic on Americans both financially and behaviorally from now on. Economic issues, including not being able to pay for auto insurance, car payments, mortgage payments, and life insurance, will factor in for many individuals and families, as well. Increased use of delivery services for everything from groceries to fast food meals has significantly decreased traffic on local roads. The number of miles driven in a month, quarter, and year by the average vehicle owner has changed dramatically from pre-pandemic standards. Many consumers are searching for opportunities to lower rates based on their driving habits, depending on the laws and regulations that allow for such discounts in their area.

Increased Work and School at Home

Even with many things opening back up, several industries have discovered the benefits of having employees work remotely from home. Students are more inclined to do school from home, with many families choosing to continue distance learning even after public and private schools open up again fully. Again, this has an impact on daily commutes, carpools, and driving habits, which could change your needs for Fall River auto insurance. Even essential workers who continued going to and from work each day during the COVID-19 restrictions may have made changes in their driving habits on their weekends and after work hours.

One of the best ways to make sure that you have the car insurance coverage you need to protect your vehicle investment is to work with a local insurance agent in Fall River. While many Americans utilize web-based insurance programs, there is no comparison to the service you can expect to receive when you work with a neighborhood provider for your Greater Fall River auto insurance coverage. Local agents have personal knowledge and understanding of what their clients require in a MA auto insurance policy. They live and work in the same communities, which provides them with invaluable insight into their customers’ needs.

Get a FREE Quote for Fall River Auto Insurance

If you are in the market for new or better car insurance coverage, don’t look any further than Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency. We can provide you with a FREE quote for MA auto insurance, look at your existing coverage, and make sure you have the protection you need. Give us a call at 508-678-9611 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable neighborhood insurance agent in Fall River. We can offer a wide range of options to provide you with the perfect coverage for your car, whether you are now driving more or less than you did during the past year.

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