Does Fall River Home Insurance Cover Seasonal Storm Damage?

Does Fall River Home Insurance Cover Seasonal Storm Damage?

lightning strike above a homeDo you know what your MA homeowners insurance policy covers? Take time to learn what is covered – and what isn’t – before you ever need to make a claim. It is a smart idea to sit down with or call your local Fall River insurance agent, so you can discuss your coverage at least once each year. Keeping your policy updated will ensure that everything is properly covered and protected in the event of a disaster or other type of covered claim. The good news is that most types of weather-related damage are covered under the typical policy for Fall River home insurance. Wind, hail, and lightning, and snow and ice are common types of claims in Southeastern Massachusetts. However, certain types of natural-disaster damage, including flooding and earthquakes, often require special protection. You can get a free home insurance quote or speak with an agent about your existing policy when you call Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency in Fall River.

Different Types of Storm Damage

Year-round coverage for damage caused by seasonal storms is usually included in a standard MA homeowners insurance policy. Thunderstorms in the spring, lightning strikes in the summer, wind damage in the fall, and ice damage in the winter are common experiences for Fall River homeowners. Ice and hail damage is typically covered in most homeowners insurance policies up to the limits stated in the coverage. However, not all types of damage are created equal. If the homeowner is neglectful in maintenance, repairs, or seasonal care of the home, the claim could be denied. It is always best to review your policy and speak with a Fall River insurance agent to determine what types of weather and water-related damage are covered.

Some of the other types of damage commonly covered in a policy include:

  • Power Surges – During a storm, power surges and outages can result in damaged appliances and electronics. Certain limits will apply, but your policy may have specific coverage for this type of damage.
  • Lightning Strikes – Similar to a power surge, thunderstorms can wreak havoc on a home’s electrical system or result in fire and smoke damage. These damage types are usually included in Fall River home insurance policies but should be verified with an agent.
  • Wind Storms – Massachusetts gets more than its fair share of wind storms, which can cause damage to aluminum siding and shingle roofing. Speak with your agent about the different types of damage that can be covered following a wind storm.
  • Hail Damage – If you have ever seen a severe hail storm, you know what it can do. Even golf ball-sized hail can cause damage to roofing, vehicles, and windows. Make sure you know what to do if a hail storm damages your property.
  • Tree Damage – Wind, rain, and hail can also cause damage to trees, causing limbs to break or entire trunks to fall during the storm. Whether the tree falls onto your home, into a fence, or on top of other types of property, the damage can be severe. Speak with an agent to determine what you can do to prevent this type of damage and what could be covered in a claim.

Why is Earthquake and Flood Insurance Different?

It is essential for Fall River homeowners to understand why some types of MA homeowners insurance coverage are included and why others are separate. The damage caused by an earthquake or other kind of earth movement is not usually included in a standard insurance policy. Even in areas where earthquakes are frequent, and the damage can be intense, a separate rider policy is required to cover this type of damage. The same is true for flood insurance; whether the water damage is caused by a natural rainstorm or a flooded river, it is crucial to make sure you have the specialized insurance you need to protect your home from damage.

It used to be that the only way to get flood insurance was through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program. However, it can now be purchased through private insurance carriers at more competitive rates. This is why flood insurance is not included as a standard part of your free home insurance quote. If you would like to learn more about your current home insurance policy or wish to get a FREE quote, contact a Fall River insurance agent at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency by calling 508-678-9611.

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