Home Insurance Fall River: Secure & Safeguard Your New Home

Home Insurance Fall River: Secure & Safeguard Your New Home

auto insurance in Fall RiverPurchasing a brand new home means finding ways to take care of it and protect your investment. Purchasing an MA home insurance policy is the first step necessary to safeguard a house. Speak with your Fall River insurance agent for tips that you can use to maximize the return on your investment and get the most out of your coverage. While there are basic requirements necessary for home insurance in Fall River, as determined by local and state governments or mortgage lenders, your agent can provide you with information about additional coverage that can be purchased, depending on your needs. Fall River homeowners have a lot of options that they can use to help secure and safeguard their home from things like theft, damage, and liability. The more you can do to be active in protecting your home, the less likely you will be to experience an incident that requires you to file a claim.

Step One: Securing Your Home

Studies show that more than 30 percent of all burglaries occur when the thief walks right in through an open front door. Get in the habit of locking and securing your front door, changing door frames, hinges, and the door itself, to upgrade your first line of defense against invasion. You should always change the locks when you buy a new home. Even if the previous owner seems trust-worthy, you never know who else might have a copy of the keys. Install a deadbolt, add a strike plate, consider upgrading to smart locks, and boost your home security by adding a video doorbell.

Check out other areas of your home to see where improvements can be made, such as reinforcing sliding glass doors or adding a “glass break” sensor that sounds an alert when a window is broken. Good habits of locking doors and windows can prevent common entry points for burglars. Check the garage to make sure that it is secure as well. Get in the habit of locking interior and exterior doors to the garage and consider keeping the garage door inside the house instead of inside your vehicle. Do not share security codes with delivery people, neighbors, or even friends. Consider adding security cameras or hire a security company to provide an extra layer of protection that includes night vision, motion detection, two-way talk, and other deterrents.

Step Two: Make Smart Changes

There are other things you can do outdoors that will help to safeguard your home. Fall River homeowners can use landscaping and other prevention methods to make their homes less attractive to burglars. Planting prickly plants or dense shrubbery underneath windows will prevent “peepers” and other criminals from looking inside your home. Ensure that your landscape does not provide hiding places, such as large adult-size bushes that can be used to reduce detection and other dark spaces. Add lighting, motion-detection lighting, and other lighting features that will increase visibility and eliminate common vantages that criminals use to break into homes.

Always put away stools, ladders, and other items that burglars could use to access your home. Make sure all garages, gates, sheds, and outdoor buildings are locked up at all times. Do not leave items on display in your yard, such as kids’ bicycles, landscaping equipment, or storage boxes. Consider adding security signs and stickers to your home, even if you don’t have a professional security company. Lockdown your home’s Wi-Fi network and secure the wireless router. Enable encryption, rename, and hide your home network from passersby and use a high-quality firewall, strong passwords, and antivirus protection.

Step Three: Know Your Insurance Policy

Many homeowners buy a new home, get home insurance in Fall River, and never review their policy again until they need to make a claim. Schedule an appointment with your Fall River insurance agent at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency to go over your MA home insurance policy. It helps to understand what is covered – and what isn’t – so you’ll know what to expect if you experience a burglary, fire, storm damage, flood, or any other type of incident. Fall River homeowners should also meet with their agents once a year to notify them of any changes, such as remodeling work, upgrades, and replacements, so that they can be noted in their policy. A new roof, security system, or kitchen renovation can significantly impact your coverage, and some upgrades might even qualify you for premium discounts.

Contact your agent today at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency by calling 508-678-9611. We can answer any questions you might have about your existing MA home insurance policy or provide you with a FREE quote for new home insurance in Fall River and the surrounding Southcoast area.

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