Safe Driving in Winter Weather: Auto Insurance in Fall River

Safe Driving in Winter Weather: Auto Insurance in Fall River

auto insurance Fall RiverDid you know that the number one tip for safe driving in snow and ice is just to stay home? While that is not possible for most people who have jobs to get to and things they need to do, it is by far the safest. However, should you need to venture out into the winter weather, your auto insurance agent in Massachusetts wants to provide you with a few expert tips that can help to prevent accidents. Make sure you have adequate MA auto insurance coverage for your vehicle. At Paul Sullivan Insurance, we can review your Fall River car insurance policy to make sure you are covered for the type of driving you do and any lender requirements. You can even get a FREE quote for auto insurance in Fall River when you contact our local office.

Tip #1 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

While you might be in a hurry, your best bet in snowy and icy weather is to drive slowly. This will give you enough time to stop on slippery roads to avoid a collision. If you find that you are always trying to get somewhere quickly, make a conscious effort to leave earlier than usual to avoid feeling rushed. Make sure you adjust your speed for the lower traction that you get – even with snow tires – when driving on snow or ice.

Tip #2 – Controlled Acceleration and Deceleration

When the light turns green, apply the gas slowly to allow your tires to gain traction. This will avoid skidding and slipping on the roads. Also, take time to slow down properly for the stop signs and lights. It can take much longer to slow down on a wet, slushy, snowy, or icy road than on a dry highway during other times of the year. Caution is highly recommended for the best results.

Tip #3 – Increase the Following Distance

The amount of space between you and the car in front of you is known as the following distance. Most agents for auto insurance in Fall River recommend five to six seconds or several feet of space between cars, even during clear weather. In the winter, experts recommend increasing the distance by another five to six seconds to give you enough time to stop if the person ahead stops suddenly without causing a collision.

Tip #4 – Maintain Your Vehicle

One of the responsibilities of car ownership and your Fall River car insurance policy is to maintain your vehicle correctly. If your tires are worn out, your brakes are shot, and you don’t perform regular maintenance, this type of neglect could increase your chances of being in an accident. Your MA auto insurance coverage is partially dependent on you being a responsible vehicle owner and driver, so it pays to do your part.

Tip #5 – Be Careful on Hills

One of the most significant areas of concern when driving in snowy and icy weather is dealing with hills. Ensure you don’t apply too much gas when going up an incline, or your wheels will spin. As you descend the hill, proceed slowly to avoid slipping or turning out of control. Use caution whenever driving up and down hills, including sloped driveways, parking garages, and bridges.

Tip #6 – Be Prepared for Anything

What you keep in your vehicle during the winter months could get you out of a jam. Even if you have roadside assistance with your MA auto insurance coverage, it might take a while before help arrives. A tire-changing kit, road flares, a first-aid kit, a collapsible shovel for digging out of snow, kitty litter or sand to increase traction, extra gloves and warm clothing, a blanket, healthy snacks and bottled water, and of course a snow and ice scraper are some of the everyday things recommended by an insurance agent in Massachusetts. A battery charger for your smartphone and devices, as well as jumper cables or a battery jumping device, could also be beneficial if you get stuck somewhere in the cold.

Tip #7 – What to Do If You Get Stuck

The best tips involve staying with your vehicle, as it can be a safe temporary shelter that makes it easier for you to be found, especially in bad weather. Make sure to stay warm using the extra blanket and clothing or any emergency blankets and other items you have on hand. Make sure the exhaust pipe is cleared and is not clogged with snow, ice, or other debris to prevent carbon monoxide gas from leaking into the vehicle’s passenger compartment when the engine is running. Conserve fuel, only running the heater long enough to remove the chill in case you’ll need that fuel later. It’s a good habit to keep your vehicle’s fuel tank full during the winter to prevent freezing and to ensure you have enough when you need it.

Get a FREE Quote for Auto Insurance in Fall River

Make sure to review your Fall River car insurance policy at least once a year. Your insurance agent in Massachusetts can help to make sure that you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford. If you would like to get a FREE quote for MA auto insurance coverage, contact Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency at 508-678-9611. We can answer any questions you might have about auto insurance in Fall River and help you get the coverage you need to protect your vehicle.

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