Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance: Taking Care of Your Home

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance: Taking Care of Your Home

Fall River homeowners insuranceYour Fall River homeowners insurance policy is designed to provide financial protection for your home and the personal belongings that you have inside. While many think of home insurance in Fall River as something that the lender requires, it is essential to look at the bigger picture and work with an agency that can help you protect your own interests as well. Many basic policies focus on the areas that matter most to lenders, but a good Fall River insurance agency can provide you with information and insight that you can use to your advantage. Massachusetts homeowners insurance is made up of a variety of coverages that can be used to help pay to repair or replace your home and belongings. While not all incidents, accidents, and types of damage are covered, fire and theft are commonly included. To find out what is covered – and what isn’t – in your current policy, schedule an appointment with your local agent.

Do I Have Enough Insurance?

This is a typical question and something that you should definitely discuss with your Fall River insurance agency. Most policies will cover your dwelling and any other structures on your property, such as a garage, shed, or a swimming pool. Home insurance in Fall River can also cover your personal property, such as the appliances, furniture, clothing, and other items that you have in your home and on your property. Other coverage can include liability protection for injuries or damage to someone else’s property. Homeowners can work with their agent to purchase additional home insurance in Fall River to cover for specific types of incidents, such as floods and earthquakes. Increased coverage can also be purchased, such as a personal umbrella policy to enhance the basic liability coverage included with your policy.

Start by talking with your agent about the coverage that you have under dwelling protection. This works to cover the structure of the home, such as the foundation, walls, and roof. This part of the policy can also help to cover structures that are attached to the home, such as a deck or garage, against specific risks. Find out about additional coverage for other structures on your property that are not attached, such as a fence, tool shed, or detached garage and get extra protection, if needed. Personal property protection should also be included to cover your personal belongings. This is an excellent way to protect your things in a fire or theft situation, as well as damage caused by storms. Extended coverage may also be purchased if you have belongings with values that are beyond the personal property coverage limits, such as high-value watches, jewelry, and collectible items.

What About Deductibles and Coverage Limits?

While it is true that you can lower your monthly premium costs for Massachusetts homeowners insurance by increasing your deductible, of the amount that you would need to pay first before the insurance benefits kick in, this can be a risky business. Think about how much you could afford to pay in the face of a disaster situation out of pocket and weigh the decision carefully. Go over your policy and contact your agent to learn more about the options available for deductibles with your current coverage requirements. You may be able to make smart adjustments that will save you money upfront without compromising your ability to get back on your feet after a covered event.

Each coverage in a Fall River homeowners policy is subject to coverage limits as well. This is the maximum amount that your policy would pay toward a covered loss. You can work with your trusted Fall River insurance agency to adjust your coverage limits to suit your needs. The best way to do that is to work one-on-one with an agent to determine the value of your home and the belongings to get an accurate figure on how much it would cost to repair or replace them if they are damaged or destroyed in a covered risk event. There are so many reasons to choose an agent who can help you get the best possible policy that addresses all of your needs. You can count on Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency to provide you with comprehensive, friendly service and a wide range of options that you can use to create the Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy that suits your property, lifestyle, and budget demands.

Call Sullivan Insurance Agency

Our team of highly trained and experienced agents makes it easy for Southeastern Massachusetts residents to get the coverage they need to protect their real estate investment. Quality Fall River homeowners insurance is essential to ensure that you have the protection you need at a price that you can afford. Working with a trusted agency of experienced agents can help you to successfully navigate the sometimes-complicated business of Massachusetts homeowners insurance. Call today at 508-678-9611 to speak with one of our team members about your existing policy or to get a FREE quote for home insurance in Fall River and the surrounding area.

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