Massachusetts Auto Insurance: 7-Step Post-Accident To-Do List

Massachusetts Auto Insurance: 7-Step Post-Accident To-Do List

male and female motorist in auto accidentIf you have never been in a car accident before, you might not know what to do when it does happen to you. Whether you are at fault or not, there are certain things that you need to do that will help you when it comes time to file a claim with Massachusetts auto insurance companies. Your local Fall River insurance agency can help you through the process, but we find that knowing what to expect in advance can help make our customers get through it with a lot less stress. Auto insurance in Fall River is similar to insurance policies, coverage, and protection in other states, but there might be some differences in Massachusetts compared to other states. When in doubt, contact your trusted agent to discuss your coverage, policy requirements, and questions with our Fall River Insurance Agency.

Step One – People First, Property Later

Your first priority after an accident should be to assess your own injuries and well-being, as well as any other passengers in your vehicle. If you have any serious injuries, try not to move and wait for emergency responders to arrive. Check on your passengers and make sure to contact emergency services right away or ask a bystander to call them for you.

Step Two – Get to a Safe Place

Accidents on the roadway can quickly become bigger accidents, especially in bad weather or in an area where oncoming traffic might not see the damaged vehicles until it is too late. If you are able to move, try to get to the side of the road or to a sidewalk. If the vehicle can be driven safely and is in a dangerous position in the roadway, you can push, pull, or move it to the side of the road. If not, leave it where it landed in the accident and get yourself and any passengers to safety.

Step Three – Contact Emergency Services

If no one else has already made a call for help, contact 9-1-1 to get emergency services to your location. Even if no one is injured or the accident appears to be minor, you should contact the police for assistance. When the officers arrive, they will fill out an accident report and document the scene. This is important for your Massachusetts auto insurance coverage and will be helpful to your agents as they process claims against your Fall River car insurance policy. If the police cannot come to your location, make sure to take photos of the scene yourself as best as you can and go to the nearest station to complete a report on your own. Most Fall River insurance agency representatives will ask for a police report as part of the claims process.

Step Four – Safely Wait for Help to Arrive

Make sure that the engine is off in your vehicle and turn on any working hazard lights. If you have road flares or other emergency lights in your safety car kit, use them to warn other vehicles of the accident ahead. This will also help police and emergency vehicles to find you a lot faster on a crowded highway or during inclement weather.

Step Five – Provide and Collect Information

Speak with the other driver or drivers involved in the accident and make sure to provide and collect essential information. Knowing what details to provide as part of your Massachusetts auto insurance and legal requirements can be helpful. Your name and contact information, Fall River insurance agency and policy number, driver’s license and license plate number, as well as the make, model, and color of the vehicle, are all good to have on hand. You should also record the exact location, time, and date of the accident and speak with any witnesses on the scene to collect their contact information in case it is needed by auto insurance in Fall River.

Step Six – Completely Document the Scene

Write down the name and badge number of all responding officers and emergency personnel at the scene. Make sure to ask for a copy of the accident report or find out where you can get a copy after the officer files it. Take as many photos as you can from multiple angles of the accident and clearly show the damage that was done to all vehicles and property involved. Again, write down all names – including the other driver, passengers, and any bystanders or witnesses to what happened.

Step Seven – Notify Your Fall River Insurance Agency

Contact Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency to report the accident. You can do this at the scene to make sure you collect all essential information, or you can contact your agent afterward, depending on your situation. If you or any passengers are injured, make sure that people are the priority. Even the most experienced driver might be stressed or upset after an accident, so the more you know about what to do before you are in this type of situation, the easier it will be to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

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