Keep Your Fall River Homeowners Insurance Policy Up-to-Date

Keep Your Fall River Homeowners Insurance Policy Up-to-Date

home remodeling and homeowners insuranceMany basic policies for home insurance in Massachusetts are written with the lender in mind. The mortgage company and government agencies will have certain requirements that must be met when it comes to your MA homeowners policy. However, it is in your best interest to not only work with an agent that provides quality home insurance in Fall River but to take the time to review your policy on an annual basis to make sure you are effectively covered. Similar to a basic auto insurance policy, you want to go over the coverage to ensure that your interests are addressed as well. Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency offers a wide range of solutions for Fall River homeowners insurance that are designed to meet or exceed expectations.

Put Your Policy to Work for You

Instead of only protecting the mortgage holder on your home, a local agent can make sure that your policy provides coverage for the things that matter most. If you have not already done so in the past twelve months, schedule an appointment with your trusted insurance agency to discuss the terms of your MA homeowners policy. Your agent can offer insight and advice that will help you make sure that any new work or remodeling that you have done on the home and any significant purchases are included in your policy. If you never contact your agent to talk about home insurance in Fall River when it comes time to make a claim, you might not get the coverage that you need to replace or rebuild.

One example of this is remodeling a kitchen or adding on a new room. Home insurance in Massachusetts only covers what is listed in the policy, so if you upgraded from laminate flooring to hardwood or added on a whole extra bedroom and a bathroom, your agent needs to know. Changes must happen in the policy to provide the additional coverage needed in case of an accident, such as a fire, flood, or storm. While you are at it, take time to do a complete inventory of your assets, including all electronics, pricey collectibles, appliances, and anything else that you own inside of your home. If you were ever burglarized, it would be very helpful to have a complete list of items and their values available to streamline reimbursement.

How to Perform a Home Inventory

Check with your agent to find out if there is a special format or downloadable form that you can use to itemize your assets for your Fall River homeowners insurance. If not, you can simply keep a list in a notebook, on your smartphone and backed up in the cloud, or download and print your own forms. Creating and regularly updating an inventory of your possessions is one of the best ways to maximize the abilities of your MA homeowners policy. It will make filing a claim a lot easier and ensure that the process is efficient without any needless delays while you hunt down information about something that you own. It can be helpful to either scan receipts and bill of sale documents for certain items or keep a list of when and where you purchased an item, as well as how much was spent.

Go over your list with your trusted local agent each year when you analyze your existing Fall River homeowners insurance policy. Providing your insurance company with a list of assets will serve as a “backup” of the information to ensure that you are properly compensated during a claim. A disaster, fire, or storm can be extremely stressful, and you might not be able to think as clearly about what items were destroyed or lost in the claim. A home inventory list as part of your policy for home insurance in Massachusetts can also help to substantiate any items that were lost and assist you in filing for losses as part of your taxes or for financial assistance. Start by going through each room of your home and itemize everything of value: the kitchen, the living room, all bedrooms and bathrooms, the basement, the attic, the storage shed – it should all be itemized thoroughly. Record serial numbers when available and check for extra insurance options on big-ticket items. Consider taking photos or videos that can be used to provide extra details in a future claim.

Contact a Fall River Homeowners Insurance Agent

Start protecting your belongings and your real estate investment by contacting an agent at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency about your MA homeowners policy. We can answer any questions that you might have about home insurance in Fall River and the surrounding area, as well as offer advice that will help you maximize the benefits of your Fall River homeowners insurance policy. Call today at 508-678-9611 to speak with one of our representatives or to get a FREE QUOTE for home insurance in Massachusetts.

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