MA Auto Insurance: How to Plan a Road Trip During a Pandemic

MA Auto Insurance: How to Plan a Road Trip During a Pandemic

When flying to your family’s favorite tropical destination or theme park is not an option, what can you do to celebrate the summer season? Many Americans are going back to a long-honored tradition of road trips as a way to get out of the house and experience something new. Despite many states lifting coronavirus-related restrictions, it is still essential to ensure that you are prepared for anything. As we have seen throughout this entire ordeal, the guidelines, requirements, and recommendations seem to change daily. Auto insurance companies are urging customers to take time to prepare ahead of any road trips, whether you are staying local for a day and weekend travel or making a long trek. Check your Fall River car insurance policy to make sure you have the right amount of coverage for a road trip. As your local Fall River insurance agency, Paul Sullivan has a variety of policies and coverage options designed to meet all of your needs and requirements.

What Should You Pack?

In addition to bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, and hats this summer, you will need to remember a lot of the preparedness training that we all received at the start of the pandemic. Even if you are not currently using hand sanitizer and masks in your area, you will want to bring along enough disposable masks, hand sanitizer bottles (and refills), disinfecting wipes, and gloves for the trip. While gloves are not recommended for things like shopping or long-term use, they are excellent for things like pumping gas to reduce your risk. A box of resealable sandwich bags can be used to safeguard sanitized items, safely dispose of used masks and gloves, or stow single-use snacks for kids in the backseat. While there will be gas stations, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores open along your route, it is highly suggested that you shop and pack ahead of time to reduce contact with others during your trip.

An electric cooler for the backseat is a great idea for keeping drinks, fresh fruit, and other essentials on hand. It eliminates the need for getting bags of ice or dealing with soggy sandwiches when everything melts and starts to float. Disposable trash bags or repurposed grocery store bags can be used to keep the vehicle neat as you travel. Hygiene items will be needed for stopping at public bathrooms and other places along the way, so don’t overlook the importance of having more than enough for every member of your party. Some states are now allowing dine-in services, but you will be better off making sure that your vehicle is sanitary and opt for pick-up or drive-through service instead. Outdoor seating might be a good option to get out of the vehicle for a while and give everyone some space. Be mindful of local restrictions regarding spacing for safe social distancing.

What Should You Do to Prepare?

Another thing you will want to do ahead of a trip is to make sure your vehicle is properly maintenaned and serviced. Not only is this essential to keeping up with your requirements for MA auto insurance, but it will work to keep you and your family safe on the trip. Bring your car in for required preventive maintenance and services, performing all vehicle checks, tire checks, oil changes, and filter replacements, as needed. Look at everything from the quality of your windshield wipers and fluid to any visors or sun shields that might need to be replaced. The more you can do ahead of your trip, the less likely you will need to contact your local Fall River insurance agency for roadside assistance or have to pay for costly repairs on the road. Preparation is key to any successful road trip, but especially during pandemic conditions.

While most of the information out there talks about restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and other essential businesses, you will also want to find out about hotels if you will be gone for longer than just a day trip. Many of the major chains are still operating along interstates, and most have made significant changes to their cleaning practices. One major hotel chain has even partnered with Lysol and provides specific cleaning to high-touch areas throughout the lobby, elevator, and in the guest rooms. Visit the websites for the hotels that you wish to stay ahead of your visit to read their policies. If you have any questions, contact the local facility to speak with a manager directly about your concerns. You can also check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at before and during travel to monitor any changes that you might need to know about on your road trip.

Check Your Fall River Car Insurance Policy

Make sure to contact Paul Sullivan Fall River Insurance Agency to check on your current MA auto insurance policy ahead of your trip. Find out if you are covered for rental cars, what type of coverage you have, and get all contact details for roadside assistance or any other support that you might require during your trip. We work with a wide range of auto insurance companies to offer our customers the best possible coverage options. Call today at 508-678-9611 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable auto insurance agents in Fall River.

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