How to Clean Inside Your Vehicle: Auto Insurance Fall River

How to Clean Inside Your Vehicle: Auto Insurance Fall River

fall river auto insuranceEveryone is concerned with cleaning and disinfecting all “high touch” surfaces inside their home, but what about inside the car? Washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and wearing masks are all good things, but you need to make sure that you aren’t transferring anything from your steering wheel, door handles, shift lever, touch screens, armrests, seat adjusters, and other surfaces into your home. Whether you are the only one who uses your vehicle or if you have had it in for service and maintenance, it’s a good idea to spend some time learning how to properly clean the interior of your car or truck – virus or not.

The interior is one of those areas that frequently gets overlooked or cleaned improperly. Auto insurance in Fall River is more than just covering costs for repairs after an accident, but learning how to be a smart vehicle owner. Your Fall River insurance agent has lots of great tips that you can use to enhance your experience, effectively maintain your vehicle, and be a better driver. This post focuses primarily on cleaning and sanitizing the interior of your vehicle, offering great tips that you can use right now and in the future during flu season or after a particularly hectic family road trip to make sure everything is truly clean.

Which Cleaners Work Best?

Ignore your impulse to simply spray everything down with bleach. That will likely damage the interior surfaces of your vehicle, including the leather, plastic, carpet, fabric, and other materials used throughout the space. Many of the same household cleaners that you use to sanitize your home can be used inside a vehicle, but you should always check the label to make sure. Studies show that alcohol solutions that contain at least 70 percent alcohol are effective against viruses, according to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), so that is one way of cleaning the interior. In fact, many auto manufacturers and industry professionals use isopropyl alcohol regularly for cleaning factory parts to remove smudges and provide detailing.

Product testing and studies have been conducted by car and part manufacturers that show isopropyl alcohol is safe to use on everything from plastic to imitation leather, painted chrome, and even soft cloth upholstery. So even if you don’t have any car-specific cleaning products or you are concerned about how your home cleansers will affect your vehicle, you can always use 70 percent or higher alcohol to clean the interior of your car or truck. Never use bleach or hydrogen peroxide, as both will do damage to the interior, especially upholstery, carpet, and plastics. Other cleaners to avoid include anything that contains ammonia, as it can damage modern auto touch screens and some glass surfaces, as well. While soap and water are the most effective at killing viruses, they are not practical inside your vehicle.

Surface-Specific Cleaners

Check your owner’s manual or contact the dealership for information on recommended cleaners. While isopropyl alcohol is safe for occasional cleaning and disinfecting, long-term use could be damaging to some surfaces. Vigorous cleaning and scrubbing can also increase the wear and tear of your car’s interior, aging the surfaces and decreasing value at a faster rate. To prevent any of this from happening it is best to remember that everything should be done in moderation and surface-specific cleaners should be used to clean and protect whenever possible. Leather cleaners and conditioners can protect upholstery from future sanitizing and cleaning, as well as sun damage and heat.

Avoid the use of paper towels and napkins to clean the interior of your vehicle. The reason why microfiber cloth is so highly recommended is that it is soft, non-abrasive, and has tiny loops that sweep away dirt and dust with minimal scrubbing. You don’t want to scratch glass surfaces or other materials by wiping them down with fast food napkins or kitchen paper towels. Having the right tools is essential to ensure that you not only get the job done right but also that you protect your vehicle and surfaces from damage in the process. When all else fails, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for any type of cleaning or speak with your local dealership to find out what they suggest you use. No matter how much you clean, always wash your hands with soap and water after exiting your vehicle to ensure you don’t transfer anything into your home.

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