Fall River Auto Insurance: Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

Fall River Auto Insurance: Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

fall river winter driving tipsVehicle owners need to be aware of the change in season and ensure that their car or truck is adequately prepared for inclement weather conditions. Your Fall River auto insurance agent wants to remind you that winter is just around the corner. If you haven’t set aside time to inspect your vehicle for safety or have snow tires ready to go, you are running out of opportunities to get the work done. Your MA auto insurance policy can cover many different types of incidents through the filing of a claim, but no auto insurance in Fall River will cover neglect. Be prepared for adverse road conditions, visibility issues, and extreme weather fluctuations so you will be ready for anything this winter.

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Many of the accidents that you see on the highway in the winter could be prevented through proper inspections and repairs. Your Fall River insurance agency wants you to be aware of all the components and systems that should be checked and serviced before the start of the winter season. The braking system is critical, and if your brakes are anywhere close to needing repair, be sure to get it taken care of right away. You don’t want to be out on the roads with ice, snow, and sleet, worrying whether your brakes have enough pad left to stop you when you need it the most. Your tires should also be checked and switched out to seasonal tires, if necessary. Don’t count on so-called “all-season” tires, which are not designed for use in a New England winter.

Make sure to get all required manufacturer servicing completed on time, including any scheduled oil changes, filter replacements, alignments, and battery upgrades. You can get a free battery test at many auto parts stores in the South Coast area, so it pays to take a few minutes to get that done before winter hits. You don’t want to be stuck in the parking lot at the office because your car won’t start. If your vehicle requires any repairs that you are already aware of, be sure to schedule them before the winter season, especially if you have a significant daily commute or if you will be making a long trip over the holidays. Having the peace of mind in knowing that you have done all you can to prepare your vehicle for the winter is just as important as knowing that you have sufficient coverage with your MA auto insurance policy.

Know the Facts About Winter

Some of the most recent statistics about auto insurance in Fall River and across the country include details on the number of crashes caused by winter weather. Studies reveal that more than 1.5 million accidents occur each year due to snow, ice, and sleet. While unsafe weather conditions contribute heavily to these numbers, a significant amount of crashes could be prevented with safe driving skills, heightened driver awareness, and more reliable vehicles. A vast majority of the country is impacted by dangerous winter weather, so it pays to make sure your car is prepared, even if you will be driving out of the local area. Whenever possible, avoid driving in severe weather. However, if you cannot prevent it, there are things you can do to be better prepared.

  • Keep a Full Tank – In the winter months, there are many reasons to keep your tank full. A full tank can prevent freezing in the fuel lines of your vehicle, protecting it from extreme drops in temperature. It is also good to have a full tank, just in case you get stuck in a detour, lots of weather-related traffic, or have to pull over to avoid severe weather conditions.
  • Install Snow Tires – It cannot be stressed enough by your Fall River auto insurance agents that snow tires are essential in New England. Improper tires can be a hazard, increasing your odds of sliding and slipping on the roadway. Check your tires to ensure that they have the proper pressure as well. Cold temperatures can create a decrease in tire pressure, which can impact your safe driving abilities.
  • Dress for Winter – Even if you are just running out to the store or making a daily commute that you have made for many years, it is important to dress for winter weather. If your vehicle breaks down, you need to have warm clothing, an appropriate coat, gloves or mittens, a scarf, a hat, and warm footwear. Dressing in layers can make it easier to prevent over-heating during your drive while ensuring that you have the clothing necessary to keep warm if you are stuck on the side of the road.
  • Charge Your Cellphone – In the winter months, your cellphone can be a literal lifeline, helping you to call for help or get assistance from family and friends. Keep your phone fully charged and consider bringing along a backup battery just in case. Plan a route in advance and let friends or loved ones know where you will be and what roads you are taking just in case you don’t arrive at your destination.

Get Quality Auto Insurance in Fall River

Protecting your vehicle is an integral part of car or truck ownership. You need an MA auto insurance policy to satisfy the lender’s requirements, state laws, and to protect yourself from liability. When you contact our Fall River insurance agency, we can offer a FREE quote and advice that will help you choose the best policy. Your Fall River auto insurance policy should include coverage for the type of vehicle that you own, take into consideration the driving that you do, and protect you from potential liability. Give us a call at 508-678-9611 and speak with one of our agents about getting quality auto insurance in Fall River and the surrounding South Coast communities.

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