MA Home Insurance Tips to Prep Your Home for the Fall Season

MA Home Insurance Tips to Prep Your Home for the Fall Season

MA home insurance policyPeople come from all around the world just to see the leaves change color in New England. However, they have no idea the amount of work that this time of year can create for homeowners. Not only are you required to keep the leaves raked up and the sidewalks cleared for safety purposes, but there’s also a lot of scooping leaves out of the gutters throughout the season to make sure the autumn rains flow away from your home. Unfortunately, the leaves are just the beginning.

Your Fall River insurance agent wants to remind you that keeping a checklist of seasonal chores can be the best way to maintain your obligations regarding Massachusetts homeowners insurance. Most problems can be avoided just by performing regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Make sure that your MA home insurance policy is up-to-date by contacting Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency about your home insurance in Fall River. We can answer any questions you might have about coverage and help you to ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your investment.


Start preparing your home for the fall season by taking a look outdoors. Check trees and bushes to make sure that everything is properly trimmed and maintained. Blowing winds and heavy rains can cause even healthy trees to drop a branch right in the middle of your living room. Trim any branches that hang over a structure, fence, or any other part of your property and consider removing any dead or dying trees that could pose a risk. Consider making other upgrades to your garden at this time that will increase the value of your home, such as planting seasonal bulbs in preparation for the spring or reseeding your lawn. Gutters must be cleaned, sprinklers must be winterized, outdoor water must be shut off, and your pool must be covered and closed for the season.

Leaves. This is perhaps the most dreaded chore for New Englanders. Raking up the leaves might very well be a daily or weekly duty, depending on the number of trees in your yard and neighborhood. There are many reasons to stay on top of leaves each year, including protecting your own lawn from potential mold growth and damage. Wet leaves can also pose a liability risk if left untended on your sidewalks, front doorstep, or other areas where visitors might slip and fall. Speak with your Fall River insurance agent about other ways that you can protect yourself from these types of liabilities for your MA home insurance policy.

Extra tips for taking care of leaves include:

  • consider keeping a light layer of leaves under trees and shrubs as a natural mulch to protect the roots when the temperature drops
  • if you can’t do a complete rake of your yard, consider running a mower over the leaves at least once a week to help break them down instead of bagging them up
  • invest in a riding mower attachment that will scoop up and bag all of the leaves for you to save time – and your back


Since this is where you will be spending the majority of your time, it’s a good idea to focus on indoor maintenance as well. Your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy protects you against accidents and acts of God, such as storms and other weather conditions, but your Fall River insurance agent will tell you, it can’t protect you against neglect. Stay on top of maintenance for your HVAC system, shutting down your air-conditioning system and removing window units to store for the winter, while servicing your furnace and vent system to ensure you are ready for the cold weather. Check all vents inside the home to make sure that there isn’t any blockage from furniture, boxes, or other stored items to guarantee a proper flow.

Clean the fireplace and chimney to make sure they are ready for use. Consider hiring a professional to perform an annual inspection. Many MA home insurance claims are made each year after a fire starts inside the chimney due to neglect or from birds nesting inside during the spring and summer months. Check all windows and doors for drafts, caulking around them when needed to keep the heat in and the cold out during fall and winter. Check your dryer vent as well to make sure that it is properly cleaned. Studies show that nearly 3,000 fires are started in the United States each year because of clogged dryer vents. Inspect and test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors each fall for peace of mind.

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