Safe Driving Tips for Drivers Using Fall River Car Insurance

Safe Driving Tips for Drivers Using Fall River Car Insurance

fall river auto insuranceIf you own a vehicle in the State of Massachusetts, you are required to carry a policy from a Massachusetts car insurance company to protect your car, yourself, your passengers, and others with at least a basic level of coverage. You can get a FREE auto insurance quote from Paul Sullivan insurance company in Fall River to find a policy that will provide you with the coverage you want at a price that you can afford. Fall River car insurance is similar to other types of coverage found in other states. Our agents can work with you to get the best policy designed to fit your lifestyle, vehicle, lender requirements, and budget.

As an independent insurance agency, Paul Sullivan has the unique ability to connect our customers with a wide range of major insurance companies and specialty carriers. This offers you with a very diverse selection of policy and pricing options so you can get the type of coverage you need for your Massachusetts car insurance. Working with a professional agent has a lot of benefits, including access to premium discounts, quality coverage, and a team of professionals who can offer all of the information, experience, and knowledge necessary to get you the best options in the local area.

Standard Safety Tips

While a lot of the common safety tips offered by most insurance companies can be found in the driver’s handbook, it is a good idea to refamiliarize yourself with them from time to time. The more you know about driving safety, the easier it will be to prevent accidents that can result in a claim against your Fall River car insurance. Defensive driving courses and other helpful programs have proven to be very effective in lowering accidents and creating better drivers. However, a little bit of common sense can also go a long way.

  • SEAT BELTS – Make sure that you and every single passenger in your vehicle buckle their seat belt every single time you drive. It doesn’t matter if you are only driving in a parking lot or going around the block to pick up something to drink, your seat belt needs to be used every time. Not only is it the law, but statistics show that more accidents happen close to home, where the driver is more comfortable and perhaps lax in safety procedures.
  • DEFENSIVE DRIVING – The best way to reduce your chances of being in a car crash is to learn how to avoid one. Don’t drink and drive. Drive the speed limit and pay attention to the flow of traffic. Stay aware of everything going on around you to make it easier to anticipate quick lane changes and sudden stops by other drivers.
  • DISTRACTED DRIVING – With all of the technology at our fingertips these days, it’s easier to become distracted while driving. In addition to screaming kids in the backseat and all of the lights, signs, and sights on the road, it’s no wonder there are more than five million reported car crashes every year. Text messaging, phone calls, and other technology-based distractions have increased the risk of car crashes in America.
  • CAR SEAT LAWS – Take time to read about local car seat laws to ensure that you comply with the requirements. These laws can vary from state to state, so if you plan on traveling outside of Massachusetts, make sure to look it up in advance. You can also choose to do more than the minimum, further increasing the safety for your child. Rear-facing seats are best, so the longer you can keep your child in a rear-facing seat, the safer they will be until they are too big to fit in this type of seat.
  • PROOF OF INSURANCE – Keep your Fall River car insurance policy with you in accordance with legal requirements. You must have a license, registration, and proof of insurance in most states. Your Massachusetts car insurance agency can answer any questions you might have about the proof that you must carry for your insurance company in Fall River.

Get a FREE Auto Insurance Quote

Ready to shop for quality Fall River car insurance or need to update your current policy? You can contact Paul Sullivan insurance company in Fall River by dialing 508-678-9611. Our agents can provide you with a FREE auto insurance quote, help you make essential changes to your existing Massachusetts car insurance policy, or assist you with information about other types of personal and commercial insurance coverage.

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