Fall River Homeowners: How to Hire Professional Landscapers

Fall River Homeowners: How to Hire Professional Landscapers

Fall river homeowners landscaping professionalsWhen you work with a qualified company for Massachusetts homeowners insurance at a local Fall River insurance agency, the goal should be to obtain a policy that will protect your investment. Whether you are insuring your primary residence, a vacation home, or a rental property, home insurance in Fall River is one of those services that require a bit of research and attention. You don’t want just to get a bare minimum policy that is designed to protect the interests of the mortgage company more than your own. Fall River homeowners can trust Paul Sullivan Insurance to provide them with the options they need to safeguard such a substantial real estate investment.

Taking Care of Your Property

Beyond getting a comprehensive home insurance policy from a reputable Fall River insurance agency, you also need to take care of your property. Annual maintenance and repairs, HVAC and roof inspections, regular cleaning services – both outside and in – are just a part of what can help you to maintain and increase the value of your home. Fall River homeowners should also do everything they can to boost the curb appeal of their house, whether they are planning to sell it soon or not. Landscaping services are a great way to create an excellent first impression that will improve value without breaking the bank.

When it comes time to hire a professional landscaper for your property, it is essential to do some research ahead of time as well. While your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy may protect you from certain types of damage, the more you can do to ensure that every service provider who steps foot on your property is licensed, insured, and certified, the easier it will be to safeguard your assets. Don’t just hire the first person who knocks on your door or call the first phone number you see pinned on the community board, take time to ask questions, get references, and find out all you can before signing any type of contract.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Just as you purchased Fall River homeowners insurance coverage to protect your home and investment, a professional company should also have insurance to protect their business. Companies that are not licensed, insured, and bonded are not taking their work seriously and are putting themselves – and the people that hire them – in danger, just by not taking the time to get this type of protection. Make sure that any landscaper, tree trimmer, pool service provider, or handyman is properly licensed within your state and holds a certification from a professional organization. If you hire someone that does not have documentation, you will have no way to claim your losses if they cause damage to your property or fail to perform their services effectively.

Your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy protects you from many different types of accidents, incidents, and situations; however, Fall River homeowners need to make sure that landscapers have two types of insurance of their own, including workers’ compensation and liability insurance. There should be a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage to compensate for the cost of any damage done to your home or property. Don’t be shy about asking for proof of insurance as part of the interview, vetting, and hiring process. If you want to learn more about what is covered (and not covered) by your home insurance in Fall River, speak with an agent at your local Fall River insurance agency. Never assume that something is covered without asking and finding out for sure.

Experience Matters, Too

While there are some individuals who are just a “natural” at their chosen profession and have a way with plants, grass, and landscaping services, experience definitely counts when hiring a professional. Experience isn’t just about how many years someone has been doing something, but about the different type of work they have done and whether or not they can accommodate your requests. You wouldn’t hire a landscaper to do trimming for trees and shrubbery when they only have experience with sod, seed, and mowing lawns.

Find out about guarantees as well for significant project development, such as hardscaping for patios, fences, and retaining walls, and even for smaller installations, including sod, color spots, and gardens. You will want to make sure you know how to care for your new plants and landscaping to keep them healthy and in good condition to provide a solid return on your investment. After all, the whole goal of home remodeling, landscaping, and renovation is to increase the value of your property.

Permits, Plans and More

The more Fall River homeowners learn about the ins and outs of professional landscape and hardscape installations, the better equipped they will be to know what to expect. Ask about permits that may be required by your city, county, or state, as well as any environmental concerns or regulations that must be followed. Depending on the goals that you have for your property, this could be a deal-breaking question. Whenever you make major upgrades to your property, contact your local Fall River insurance agency. We can adjust your policy to make sure that you have the Massachusetts homeowners insurance coverage you need to protect your investment.

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