Spring Maintenance for Best Fall River Homeowners Insurance

Spring Maintenance for Best Fall River Homeowners Insurance

Fall River Homeowners Spring MaintenanceAs a homeowner, the best type of insurance that you can have is the knowledge that you are doing everything in your power to properly maintain and protect your home. Your local insurance agent in Fall River can help you ensure that your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy is current and up-to-date with the latest information. Whenever you make upgrades to your home, such as a new roof, increased outdoor living space, or even a kitchen remodel, make sure to discuss the details with your agent. Home insurance in Fall River needs to cover all of the materials used in the construction of your home, so if you make even a seemingly small update to flooring or countertops, you’ll want that included in your policy. Seasonal maintenance is essential to make sure that you stay on top of required preventive measures to maximize your Fall River homeowners insurance protection.

Preparing for Warm Weather

As the snow and ice fade away into memory, the first thing you will want to do is inspect your HVAC equipment, roofs, gutters, and windows to prepare for warm weather. While it might not be time to switch out storm windows for screens just yet, the sooner you can call your HVAC company to make sure that your system is ready for air-conditioning on that first hot day, the better. Remember, everyone else in the Greater Fall River area will want to use their A/C on that day too, so being prepared can save you a bundle and ensure that you don’t have any cool air delays. If you upgrade your HVAC unit or ductwork in any way, make sure to contact your insurance agent in Fall River so they can update your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy with the new information.

  • HVAC inspections should occur twice each year – in the spring before air-conditioning will be used and again in the fall before the heater will be necessary.
  • Roofs and gutters should be inspected regularly, ensuring that they are free of leaves, twigs, acorns, pine needles, and other debris that could cause clogs in downspouts and result in damage to your home. Check your roof for any damage that may have occurred during the winter season, including leaks in the attic and other areas of your home.
  • Clean all windows, removing any residual dirt and grime that may have become attached during the winter months. Check for cracks in the panes themselves, as well as sealing issues around the inside and outside of windows to prevent heat transfer year-round. If you haven’t upgraded to eco-friendly windows yet, consider making the change and report any remodeling work to your Fall River homeowners insurance agent.

Check the Foundation of Your Home

The next area that you should focus on is the foundation. Check for any cracks or leaks around and near your home. Look for any low areas that may have developed in the yard and fill them in with compacted soil to prevent damaging run-offs. Level all yard depressions and look for “ponding” issues anywhere on your property. While they might be far away from the house and not pose an issue to your foundation, they could still result in stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes and other dangerous problems. Seal any cracks that you discover or contact a contractor for larger issues in your home’s foundation, driveway, walkways, sidewalk, steps, porch, or patio before they become even bigger problems.

  • Prepare soil for growth, including lawn and flower bed areas around your home. Consider having trees and large shrubbery inspected by a qualified specialist to make sure your landscaping is healthy and safe. If planting new features, make sure to consult with a professional or plant according to local landscape guides for best results.
  • Check any wooden decking, whether it is installed around your home or near a backyard pool. Inspect the wood for stains or warping that may have occurred over the winter. Re-seal your deck, if necessary, which should be done annually for best results. Remove any rusted nails and check out all railings and stairs for safety. Consider bringing in a specialist for an inspection if you suspect any major issues.
  • Work with an outdoor hardscape or landscape professional as early in the season as possible to get quotes for service and secure an installation date. Remember, everyone else will also be thinking about outdoor living spaces this time of year, so the sooner you can get a foot in the door, the better. Contact your agent to report any remodeling or upgrades for your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy.

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