Wintertime Checklist for Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

Wintertime Checklist for Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

Winter Checklist for Fall River HomeownersWhen you own a home in New England, insurance isn’t just that bill you pay each month and renew each year, it should also be about protecting your home from whatever Mother Nature brings your way. Pre-winter inspections and checks will help to keep your home – and everyone in it – safe, warm, and secure. However, studies now show that Fall River homeowners would do well to perform a mid-winter check just to make sure that no issues have cropped up after the holiday season. Your local insurance agent in Fall River can provide you with even more tips to help you get the most out of your home insurance in Fall River.

Check That Furnace and Air Filter

Hopefully, you contacted your local HVAC company for a pre-season check-up of your heating system and vents. However, after using them for a few months, you should at least take a look at your air filter and see about replacing it. A clean filter will help your HVAC system to run more efficiently and effectively, reducing the amount of energy required to keep everything operating as it should. Depending on the type of filter that you have, you might need to replace it anywhere from every 30-days to six months. You can lower your energy bill just by performing a few essential services and help to extend the life of your heating system when you keep it clean and regularly inspected.

Clean Your Humidifier

While efficiency and home safety are not necessarily the focus here, if you run a humidifier during the winter to prevent your home from getting too dry, make sure you keep it clean. Regular cleanings and replacement of filters, if applicable, will help to keep you and your family safe from harmful side effects associated with humidifier use. In addition, check to make sure that you aren’t adding too much moisture to your home or the direct area where the humidifier is located. Mold, mildew and other issues can cause severe damage to your home that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Double-Check the Registers

Now that the holiday season has passed take time to go around your home to make sure that all registers are free of obstructions. This is especially important if you had house guests over the holidays or if a lot of items got moved around to make room for parties and other gatherings. Wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, and other trash items are sometimes pushed aside and end up blocking registers. Also, check furniture and window treatments to make sure that they are all a reasonable distance from the registers to allow for proper air flow. No items should be touching the registers, including rugs and other floor coverings.

Search for Drafts and Other Leaks

Every fall you should get in the habit of checking your home for any drafty spots or leaks before winter arrives. However, our homes shift, and winter weather can create new drafts throughout the season. Be ready with caulking, expanding foam, weather stripping, and other products to seal any exterior holes. Start by checking around windows, door frames and any other areas that have access to the outdoors, including utility access points. Light sockets, plugs, and other outlets are often the source of air leaks. This can lead to increased heating costs if not repaired. If you make significant updates to your home insulation and sealing, make sure to stop by your Fall River insurance agency. You might want to make adjustments to your Massachusetts homeowners insurance, depending on the changes that are made.

Inspect the Fireplace

Prevent household fires, damage, and potential carbon monoxide poisoning by inspecting fireplaces, space heaters, and other heat sources regularly throughout the winter. Not only is this beneficial to protect your home, your family, and all of your belongings, but it is also essential to having home insurance in Fall River. Speak with your insurance agent in Fall River about other inspections and repairs that should be performed regularly to help keep your home safe and efficient all year long.

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