Auto Insurance Co Safe Driving Tips for Holiday Travel in MA

Auto Insurance Co Safe Driving Tips for Holiday Travel in MA

holiday-driving-tipsChances are that at some point during the holiday season, you will be making a trip. Whether you are traveling back home to enjoy Thanksgiving with family or heading out to the big city to ring in the New Year, it is important to make sure you get there safe. Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency in Fall River has lots of great safe driving tips that you can use to your advantage. While not every tip will suit every trip, they are definitely worth taking into consideration to help you enjoy your holiday season even more. Check with your local agent to review your Fall River car insurance policy to make sure everything is up to date.

Tip #1 – Be Prepared
Before you start any long journey, make sure that you are properly prepared. Get enough rest the night before so you will be alert and awake when out on the road. Make sure to eat something before you leave – don’t just rely on coffee or other caffeinated drinks to keep you awake. In fact, high caffeine drinks have been proven to actually diminish the ability of drivers to stay continuously alert while driving, experiencing a sort of “crash” that is similar to the diminished energy feeling that you get after consuming sugar. Make sure to take breaks along the way, even if you don’t feel like you are tired. Stop to have small snacks, stretch your legs, get some fresh air and have something cool to drink to stay refreshed.

Tip #2 – Get a Co-Pilot
One way to make sure that you stay alert is to share the driving with someone else. A spouse, a friend, a family member – just make sure you choose a responsible driver who pays attention to the rules of the road and safety, just as you do. Even if you don’t have the other person drive, sometimes just having a passenger along for the ride can be beneficial. Studies show that engaging in conversation stimulates the brain and keeps you more alert than riding alone in a car in silence. Even singing along with the radio can be a real advantage compared to silent driving. This is especially true at night when the body’s natural sleep signals begin kicking in, causing drivers to become drowsy.

Tip #3 – Pull Over
If all else fails and you begin to feel sleepy, just pull over and give in – don’t try to fight it. Either pull over at a rest stop and get a few minutes or hours of sleep, or consider finding a roadside motel and start again in the morning. Don’t ever just pull over to the side of the road, as there may be other sleepy drivers out there that don’t see you. Auto insurance companies report many claims that were caused by sleepy drivers, especially on long range trips. Speak with your auto insurance agency in Fall River for even more tips that you can use on short or long trips.

Tip #4 – Learn the Laws
When you begin mapping out your trip, make sure to check with the local laws regarding speed limits, seat belt use, cell phone use and other things that can vary from state to state and be enforced differently from county to county. If you aren’t sure, just make to follow the most extreme laws of any state, refraining from cell phone use, always using your seat belt and paying attention to speed limit signs.

Tip #5 – Check the Weather
Make sure to stay on top of weather forecasts for the entire length of your trip. When you stop for fuel or to take a break, use that time to update your forecast information to avoid any surprise storms. This is especially true in winter when a few flurries can turn into a blizzard in no time. Bring along all of the necessary precautions, including flares, safety cones, car jack, spare tire, ice scraper, shovel and anything else you think you might need.

Tip #6 – Map It Out
Do not ever rely 100 percent on a GPS to get you from Point A to Point B. GPS programs are known to have problems or be outdated, as many construction and roadside projects go unreported. Write down what roads and highways you need to take, along with notations for north, south, east and west, to help you keep track of where you need to be, even if the GPS fails you somewhere down the road.

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