First Time Car Buyer Tips from a Fall River Insurance Agent

First Time Car Buyer Tips from a Fall River Insurance Agent

First Time Car Buyer in Fall RiverAre you ready to buy your first car? Are you prepared for all of the responsibilities that come with car ownership? From the perspective of an insurance agent in Fall River, Massachusetts, there are lots of things that you need to know to help you get the best possible deal on your brand new car. While there are some advantages to being a first time car buyer, there are also a couple of pitfalls that you need to look out for. When it comes time to get auto insurance to cover your new “baby,” make sure to contact an agent who can get you the type of Fall River car insurance policy you need to fully protect your investment, at a price that you can afford.

Things to Know as a First Time Car Buyer

While the whole idea of buying a car and settling in to five years of car payments might be intimidating, there are some definite benefits to buying a brand new car. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you purchased a brand new vehicle that nobody else has damaged, neglected or mistreated is definitely a plus. While you will pay for this advantage, for many first time car buyers, it can be well-worth the extra investment. Here are some other things that you need to know…

  • A first time car buyer will pay more for their vehicle, end up paying more for finance charges and will likely pay more for auto insurance than someone who has purchased a brand new vehicle before.
  • The car dealer is not your friend – no matter how much they try to act like it. They will get to know you, share common interests and talk about their own experience buying a new car for the first time just to make you think they are on your side.
  • The truth is that the car dealer needs to sell you the car at the highest possible price you are willing to pay so they can make the biggest commission off the sale. This is how they make their money.
  • The dealership also needs to make a profit, so there will be a considerable markup over what you will typically see online – especially if you are a first time car buyer.

Tips for a Better Car-Buying Experience

The first thing you need to know before you head off to the dealer is that you need to take your time. Resist the urge to get excited and sign on the dotted line for the first car you see, test drive or find in your favorite color. Take it slow. Walk away, leave the dealership for a couple of hours – maybe even come back the next day. Take time to really think about this purchase before you make it.

Consider a “certified” pre-owned vehicle instead of brand new to save some money. If the monthly payments for a brand new car are simply out of reach, consider getting a used vehicle that is just a couple of years old. In many cases you will still have access to a manufacturer’s warranty, but you will save thousands of dollars by the end of your purchase. In fact, you will also save money on your Fall River car insurance policy. The cost for auto insurance on a brand new vehicle is almost always higher than what it would be for a used vehicle that is a couple of years old.

That being said, you should never ever buy a brand new or new-to-you used car until you check out the cost of insurance. For example, it is cheaper to insure a car that has four cylinders than it is to insure a car with eight cylinders. There are also different rates for cars that are considered “sports cars” than cars that are just considered to be a “sedan”. Trucks can sometimes cost more as well, but that can depend on the engine and the size of the truck itself. Contact your insurance agent in Fall River to find out more about auto insurance for a first time car buyer before you head to the dealer.

Where to Get Auto Insurance in Fall River?

If you live in the Fall River area, Rhode Island or anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts, Paul Sullivan Insurance can help you get the auto insurance coverage that you need at a rate that will fit your budget. Contact us about first time car buyer insurance or call us to review your Fall River car insurance policy before you trade in your current vehicle for something new. Knowing how much it will cost to insure a new vehicle before you sign a contract can help you avoid making a costly decision. Call Sullivan Insurance today for all of your auto, boat and homeowners insurance needs!

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