Planning a Wedding in Fall River? Consider Wedding Insurance

Planning a Wedding in Fall River? Consider Wedding Insurance

Fall River Wedding InsuranceIf you are busy planning a wedding this year, you will want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. While a wedding insurance policy might be a new concept to some, wedding planners and coordinators have been recommending them to clients for years as a way to protect your wedding investment. It may seem like you don’t need one more single expense while you are trying to make the wedding of your dreams become a reality on an already tight budget, but the truth is that a good wedding insurance policy could help protect your investment in case something goes wrong.

How Much Money Are You Willing to Lose?
In the event that something happens and your wedding day doesn’t go as planned, how much of the money that you have invested are you willing to just walk away from and lose? That’s the question that you need to ask yourself before you just decide that you don’t need a wedding insurance policy. Studies show that outside of buying a home, paying for a wedding is the next largest expense that most couples will invest in throughout their married life. With the average cost associated with weddings today, it makes a lot of sense to want to protect that investment.

However, if you have planned most of the wedding yourself and are on a very tight budget, chances are most of the things you have invested in to host your special day might not be covered. Your best bet is to speak with your Fall River insurance agent to find out whether or not a wedding insurance policy would make sense in your situation. If not, just make sure to get contracts from all of the vendors that you work with and ask whether or not they are insured in case they do not deliver as promised on your wedding day. One way to protect yourself from broken agreements is to only pay a deposit in advance, reserving the rest of the payment once the services are rendered.

Issues That May Be Covered
While every wedding insurance policy is different and you should visit your insurance company in Fall River to find out what is covered and what isn’t, this is a list of some of the things that may be covered under typical coverage. Again, speak with your Fall River insurance agent to make sure that these things are covered so you’ll know before you need to file any kind of claim.

  • reception hall cancels your date or goes out of business before your wedding
  • decoration supplier no longer carries the items you ordered and won’t refund your deposit
  • need to delay the wedding because of an accident or any family emergency
  • the wedding cake never arrives or the one that is delivered is not what you ordered
  • liability to cover any wedding guests that get out of hand, do damage or cause injury to themselves or others
  • loss, damage or theft on the wedding day
  • limo driver doesn’t show up to drive the wedding party to the venue
  • wedding DJ shows up intoxicated or doesn’t play the songs that you requested
  • bride’s dress gets damaged due to neglect by alteration company before the wedding
  • failure of vendor to get tuxedos for groomsmen or dresses for bridesmaids
  • damage caused to rented tuxedos or other wedding attire

Pay Attention to the Details
Whether you decide to get a wedding insurance policy to protect your wedding investment or not, remember to always pay attention to the details. Read every contract before signing it. You might think, “it’s just the cake,” but when your cake doesn’t show up on the day of your wedding and there’s nothing for you to cut and save to remember your special day, that simple cake will mean a lot. Make a list of all the things you need to purchase and another list of the things that you have to put a deposit down on to make a reservation for your wedding date.

Remember – a wedding insurance policy is designed to protect the wedding investment, not pay out claims associated with anything other than investments pertaining to the wedding and the wedding day itself. Speak with your Fall River insurance agent to make sure which items are covered and which ones aren’t. Paul Sullivan Insurance Company in Fall River provides wedding insurance policy options for their clients. You can start your research by calling them at 508-678-9611 for details or to take out a policy.

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