Tips for Smart Home Ownership & Home Insurance in Fall River

Tips for Smart Home Ownership & Home Insurance in Fall River

Home Insurance in Fall RiverWhen you make the move from renting or leasing to home ownership, it can be quite tempting to go a little crazy with remodeling, improvements, decorating and buying new furniture. After all, now you can finally make all those changes that you’ve always wanted to make that the landlord would never approve. No more pale, white walls – now you can go for a splash of color. No more apartment-sized furniture – it’s time to get something roomy and comfortable. The list of things that you will probably want to do is endless.

The point of buying your own home is making an investment, and investments need to be protected. As part of the purchasing process you will be advised to insure your home through a home owners insurance policy. However, for the best home insurance, make sure to get a quote for comprehensive home insurance in Fall River by calling Paul Sullivan Insurance. You don’t want to just get the basic insurance as is required by law or by your mortgage company, you want to make sure that your interests and investment are protected too.

Brand New Furniture

Who doesn’t want new furniture? And if you have been living in a thousand square feet or less for any length of time, chances are you need to make some improvements in this area. Make sure to measure before you go shopping and be careful with your spending. Remember that you now have a mortgage to think about and that it must come first. Don’t over-spend at the furniture store, run up your credit account and then be forced to struggle making payments for your credit cards, mortgage and home owners insurance for the next several months – or years. While some new furniture will probably be required, digging yourself into a hole of debt just to celebrate your brand new home is not a smart decision.

Remodeling the House

Some people look at a brand new house and see what can be done to improve it. If you are one of those people you need to learn a little restraint. Experts recommend living in a home for six months to a year before doing any remodeling projects. This will help you to see, experience and appreciate the home as-is for awhile before you start making any structural changes. Speak with your agent for home insurance in Fall River to make sure that any changes you make won’t affect your home owners insurance policy. When you insure your home the rate you pay and the insurance policy that is written for you is set up to cover your home the way it was when you got it. It just makes sense that in order to retain the best home insurance coverage, that you would need to tell your broker if any changes are made.

Care & Maintenance

Even if your new home is literally brand new and just built, there can still be a lot of care and maintenance involved in owning a home. You insure your home from damage, so you should ensure that your home doesn’t become damaged due to your own neglect. Have your home inspected from top to bottom to ensure that everything is in good condition and contract professional service providers to do annual checks on your HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, septic system and anything else that requires care and maintenance. Before you upgrade any of your home’s equipment or appliances, consult with a professional to see if the change would be cost-effective and beneficial enough to warrant doing or if you would just be wasting your money. Regular inspections and upkeep would go a long way toward keeping your house in proper working order.

Properly Insure Your Home

Check with your agent regarding home insurance in Fall River to make sure that you are properly covered. Home owners insurance policies should be updated whenever you make any changes, upgrades, repairs or replacements inside your home. For the best home insurance, speak with an agent at Paul Sullivan Insurance. They provide auto, marine, business and home insurance in Fall River and can help you make sure you properly insure your home and get the best deal in the process.

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