Do I Need Commercial Business Insurance in Fall River?

Do I Need Commercial Business Insurance in Fall River?

Commercial Business Insurance in Fall RiverIt doesn’t matter what type of industry you work in or the type of business that you run, it is important to protect your hard work and assets with business owners insurance. Commercial business insurance can cover a wide range of different things within your overall business structure. The goal is to protect everything that you have worked so hard to build to ensure your continued success. However, it is difficult to anticipate absolutely everything that could potentially go wrong, which is why getting business insurance in Fall River is so important.

What is Business Owners Insurance?
Business insurance helps to protect business owners from many different incidents, disasters and issues that can occur. Do you have employees? Even if you only have a small handful of people working with you, it is important to have insurance. Do you work in an industry that has a lot of high-risk or liability? Even if the risks are low, commercial business insurance can protect you when something goes wrong.

The most common types of business owners insurance available to help you insure your business include Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance and a basic Business Liability Insurance Package. The type and amount of insurance that you need will depend upon the number of employees that you have, the type of business you do, whether you use a lot of computers to do your business, or if you have a lot of products, materials and stock that you sell. There are thousands of other factors that must be considered, which is why it is important to insure your business with an agent that you can trust to provide quality business insurance in Fall River.

Filling in the Gaps
Because each and every business is different and unique in its own way, it is important to discuss the particulars of your business with your local agent. Gap insurance, extra little policies that can be added into your package, will help you make sure that you have adequate commercial business insurance when you need it.

On an annual basis – or if anything changes with the way you do your business – you should speak with your agent about your business insurance in Fall River. Your agent can help make adjustments to your policy, increasing your insurance or adding gap policies as-needed, to make sure that you properly insure your business against risk.

What is Umbrella Business Owners Insurance?
An umbrella insurance policy is just what it sounds – a policy that works to cover every liability. While a little pricier than other specific policies, your umbrella business owners insurance will work to cover any gaps or exclusions that might not be covered under a standard commercial business insurance policy. Also known as umbrella liability insurance or excess liability insurance, this type of supplemental policy goes beyond the basic coverage, providing business owners with unique features, such as:

  • global coverage
  • liquor law liability
  • personal injury coverage
  • protection for additional insured persons
  • extension of protection coverage
  • contract liability for agreements
  • watercraft liability
  • liquor law liability
  • advertisers and marketers liability

Speak with your agent about getting umbrella business insurance in Fall River. Your agent will let you know if this is appropriate for your particular business model or they might suggest another way to get proper coverage. When you work with professional commercial business insurance agents, you can rest assured that you will learn all you need to know about getting the best coverage to insure your business.

Commercial Business Insurance for Vehicles?
Another type of business owners insurance that you must consider is a policy that covers commercial vehicles, company cars or fleet vehicles. Whether you provide delivery service, in-home visits, run errands for company supplies or transport clients as part of your business model, you will need business owners insurance that includes vehicle coverage.

Some umbrella business owners insurance policies will cover above and beyond what your standard vehicle insurance policy will cover, but not always. It is important that you speak with your agent about business insurance in Fall River to find out if you need to add an umbrella coverage to protect your company vehicles or if another type of policy is in order.

Where to Get Commercial Business Insurance in Fall River
Paul Sullivan Insurance has been providing business owners insurance, home owners insurance, vehicle insurance and marine insurance in the South Coast area for nearly 60 years. Call and speak with an agent about the best way to insure your business, check on your current policy or talk about increasing your insurance to cover changes to your business structure. Sullivan Insurance can help you get all the coverage you need to insure your business properly in the State of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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