5 Things That New Car Owners in Fall River Should Never Do

5 Things That New Car Owners in Fall River Should Never Do

Fall River Car InsuranceThere’s nothing quite like that new car smell. When you get a brand new car right off the lot with 10 miles or less on the odometer, you feel invincible! Unfortunately, that feeling can get you into trouble. Having a brand new car that doesn’t need all the care and maintenance that an older car needs can make you lazy and cause you to do things that you should never do.

Hopefully you have already gotten the best auto insurance from your local Fall River auto insurance broker at Paul Sullivan Insurance, but after all the auto insurance quotes are settled and you’ve got your brand new baby taken care of, there is still much work to do. Auto insurance companies like Sullivan want to help their clients protect their investment. A brand new car should last you for many years to come and, with proper care and maintenance, you can keep it looking and running as it should.

#1 – Forgetting Car Washes
When you have a brand new big car payment, it can be easy to push some things aside while you are getting adjusted to your new budget. However, studies conducted by auto insurance companies across our nation reveal that it is important to get your car washed on a regular basis. Especially in the New England area where weather is a fact of life, you need to protect your car from the elements, salt on the road, bird poop, dirt, mud and even pollutants from driving through industrial or major urban areas. New car owners should be careful to watch their vehicles for a build-up of dirt and grime. To prevent this, get a hand wash – or do it yourself – at least once a week. A full detailing should be done once every quarter – both inside and out.

#2 – Aggressive Driving
As your Fall River auto insurance agent, we cannot condone aggressive driving in any way, shape or form. It is dangerous, not just for your investment in a brand new vehicle, but for your life and the lives of others in your car or in vehicles around you. Some drivers of brand new cars drive a bit more aggressive than they should, testing out the power of their new vehicle. In fact, studies show that people drive more aggressively than they normally would for the first couple thousand miles. Accidents and traffic tickets from aggressive driving and speeding can prevent you from getting the best auto insurance quote from your local auto insurance companies. Take care to protect your car, yourself and your loved ones from any urges to drive more aggressively.

#3 – Custom Changes
There are some new car owners who look at their shiny, brand new vehicles and think: “blank canvas.” Some people like to accessorize and upgrade their cars more than others. And while adding a new exhaust system or a custom body kit can personalize your vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd, it will also reduce the resale value and opportunity for selling your vehicle to another person in the future. Other problems that can arise from these upgrades include interference with the vehicle’s warranty from the manufacturer, unintended side-effects to the vehicle’s power train or safety abilities and much more. Before you add a single thing or swap out a single part, contact your Fall River auto insurance company to see if it would affect your auto insurance policy and contact the car dealer to find out if it would void your warranty.

#4 – Not Keeping Records
It is important to always keep all of the service records from everything you have ever done to your vehicle. This includes oil changes, tune-ups, tire changes, battery charges – absolutely anything that you get done. While some people rely on services that print out a report of a vehicle’s history when they are looking to buy a used car, there are others who are more “old school” and prefer to see your service record history. More details can be found in these records than could be available through any print out report. When you have the paperwork to prove that you just bought new tires or just had a 50,000 mile inspection with absolutely no problems, you will have a better chance at selling your car at a good price in the future.

#5 – Unprofessional Services
It always pays to take your car to a professional repair shop if you ever need any work done. Sure you might save a little bit of money by asking your cousin, neighbor or some guy that your friend knows from work to take a look, but you won’t have the advantage of using a qualified, trained and insured technician to work on your car. It doesn’t matter how much some guy knows about cars, when it comes to ensuring that your new car will continue working and performing as it should, you must take it to a professional at an established and trust-worthy shop.

Don’t Take Chances With Your New Car
When it comes to owning a brand new car, it is important to do things the right way and not take any chances at all. A new car is a huge investment. Make sure that everything from the auto insurance companies you work with to the car wash you take your car to every week is top notch, trustworthy and professional.

Contact Paul Sullivan Insurance, your Fall River auto insurance agent, to get the best auto insurance at the best possible rates. We will help you get the coverage you need, provide you with an auto insurance quote that will protect your investment and give you peace of mind in knowing that you did it right.

You shouldn’t take chances with your new car’s service, care or maintenance, and you definitely shouldn’t take chances by working with cut rate auto insurance companies that aren’t looking out for your best interest. Call Sullivan Insurance today for the best auto insurance available in Fall River and the surrounding South Coast region.

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