Do I Need Insurance for Company Vehicles in Fall River?

Do I Need Insurance for Company Vehicles in Fall River?

Fall River Commercial Auto InsuranceThe State of Massachusetts requires that insurance be purchased for all vehicles, including commercial vehicles that are used by businesses. A commercial vehicle insurance policy is needed to cover all of the trucks, vans and regular cars that are used by you and your employees while conducting business. Your insurance agent in Fall River can provide you with information on insuring a wide range of commercial vehicles, including everything from large fleets to delivery trucks, company cars and even single vehicles.

What is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?
As you might have guessed, commercial vehicle insurance is an auto insurance policy that is designed to cover business owners in the State of Massachusetts for liability and physical damage coverage for any amounts, usage or situations that aren’t covered by another auto insurance policy. That means, it can be used as an extra insurance policy for personal vehicles that double as business-use vehicles, but it can also be used as a primary auto insurance policy for business owners who use company owned vehicles for the day-to-day running of their business.

Commercial vehicle insurance is available to anyone who uses a car for business use. It is sometimes referred to as commercial car insurance, commercial auto insurance, fleet insurance, truck insurance or business vehicle insurance, depending on the insurance agent in Fall River that you contact for information. Paul Sullivan Insurance has a variety of business insurance policies available for people who work or live in the State of Massachusetts.

Why You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Certain types of business usage and types of commercial vehicles can often be excluded from a personal auto insurance policy. Even if you are using the vehicle more often for personal reasons than for actual business, you likely won’t be covered. A commercial vehicle insurance policy is rated and written differently than a personal auto insurance policy.

It is important that you get the right type of commercial vehicle insurance to cover you in case of a situation involving your vehicle so you can be properly compensated for loss. If you are not properly covered you won’t be covered – end of story. So it is essential for you to speak with an insurance agent in Fall River to determine whether or not your situation requires a commercial policy to be sure.

What is Covered Under Commercial Vehicle Insurance?
Just like your personal auto insurance policy, certain things are covered under commercial vehicle insurance policies, while others are not. The basic types of coverage, including liability, comprehensive, medical payments, collision and uninsured motorist’s coverage are all available through a commercial vehicle insurance policy. The difference is that there are certain definitions, eligibility, exclusions, limits and coverages that will be defined in your commercial vehicle insurance that you won’t likely ever see in a personal auto insurance policy.

Bodily Injury – This type of liability coverage pays for bodily injury or death that comes as a result of an accident that you are deemed at-fault for and, in many cases, it also provides the insured party with a legal defense.

Collision – This type of coverage pays for any damage that is done to your vehicle after it hits or is hit by another object.

Combined Single Limit (CSL) – This type of liability policy offers separate limits that are then applied to bodily injury claims for property damage, which have the same dollar amount of coverage per incidence, regardless of whether it is bodily injury or property damage and whether it involves one person or several.

Comprehensive Physical Damage – This coverage pays for any damage that is done to your vehicle due to fire, flood, theft, vandalism or other covered incidents.

Medical Payments – Also known as personal injury coverage, this type of coverage pays for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers that are in your vehicle if you are involved in a covered accident, regardless of who is at-fault.

Property Damage – This type of liability provides coverage if your vehicle accidentally damages another person’s property and, like the bodily injury coverage, usually provides the insured party with a legal defense.

Uninsured Motorist’s Coverage – This coverage pays for any injuries and some property damage that is caused by a hit-and-run driver or an uninsured motorist. Check with your insurance agent in Fall River to see if under-insured motorist’s coverage is available or included with this coverage for drivers that are at-fault and have insufficient insurance coverage.

Where to Get Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Fall River?
Contact your insurance agent in Fall River at Paul Sullivan’s Insurance for details on commercial vehicle insurance and other types of auto insurance policies that are available to people who live or work in the State of Massachusetts. They can help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford, ensuring that you are properly covered in any possible situations you might experience as a business owner.

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