Should I Buy Insurance to Cover My Jet Ski?

Should I Buy Insurance to Cover My Jet Ski?

Jet Ski Marine Insurance Fall RiverJust like any other type of property that you own, you can protect your Jet Ski with an insurance policy that will cover you for financial loss in the event of theft, accidents or other damage. Jet Skis are covered under what is known as personal watercraft or PWC insurance in Massachusetts. You can get it through your insurance company in Fall River, where you purchase your auto and homeowners policies. Personal watercraft insurance can be added onto an existing marine insurance policy that you have for a boat or other type of personal watercraft, however it can also be obtained as a separate policy.

Check with your insurance company in Fall River to find out about potential discounts that might be available for PWC insurance in Massachusetts if you already have coverage on other types of watercraft and if you don’t have any previous claims made for insured watercraft in the past. Additional discounts may be available for Jet Ski owners who take a boating or watercraft safety course.

What Type of Insurance Should I Get?
Just like with auto and home policies, there are different types of personal watercraft insurance policies with varying degrees of coverage available to Jet Ski owners. First, check to find out what type of PWC insurance is required in Massachusetts to make sure you are adequately covered. If you are purchasing the Jet Ski through a finance company, find out if any insurance is required by them as well.

Depending on the area that you live in, you may be required to get uninsured or underinsured boater insurance as part of your marine insurance policy. The dollar amount of the coverage extended to Jet Ski and other types of personal watercraft owners will vary by state and the type of policy chosen. Check the policy for any exclusions before you purchase PWC insurance in Massachusetts for your Jet Ski to find out what type of claims might not be paid.

What Types of PWC Coverage Is Available?
If you have ever looked carefully at your auto insurance policy, you will no doubt remember seeing different types of coverage, such as property damage, liability and medical. Below is a basic overview of the different types of personal watercraft insurance available for Jet Ski owners that can be added to your overall policy for more complete coverage.

  • Liability – Serves as financial protection for Jet Ski owners after an accident, whether it is your fault or the fault of someone else driving your Jet Ski, that results in injury, property damage or death to someone else. Also pays for any legal expenses you might incur if the other party decides to sue you.
  • Bodily Injury – Pays for medical costs and/or any lost wages that were caused as a result of an accident that caused injury to others.
  • Property Damage – Pays for any damage that is caused to another person’s watercraft or to a dock that is caused by you or someone else operating your Jet Ski.
  • Collision – Coverage for a Jet Ski that is financed or leased if required by the lender. This coverage is also beneficial to inexperienced drivers or to cover drivers other than yourself in the event of an accident. It also pays for any damage caused by another personal watercraft hitting your Jet Ski.
  • Comprehensive – This type of coverage will protect you from loss that results from incidents other than collisions, including storms, fire, vandalism and theft.
  • Uninsured/Under-insured – Good coverage to add in case you or your passengers are injured by someone that doesn’t have collision coverage. It pays for medical costs, damage to your Jet Ski and any lost wages that might be incurred as a result.
  • Medical Payment – This type of coverage will pay for medical bills for you or your passengers in the event of an accident, even if you are the one at-fault.

Additional Coverage Options for Personal Watercraft Insurance
In addition to the types of coverage available for Jet Ski owners, there are other types of coverage that can be added to provide additional coverage. On-water towing can reimburse the Jet Ski owner for costs that come from a mechanical breakdown out on the water or if you run out of gas and require service. Trailer coverage provides coverage for the trailer used to haul the Jet Ski.

Fuel spill coverage can help to compensate for costs associated with cleaning up fuel spills that are unintentional. Personal effects coverage pays for personal items that are lost or damaged in an accident, including clothing and sunglasses. Wreckage removal coverage pays for the costs associated with retrieving a Jet Ski or wreckage caused by a Jet Ski in an accident that sinks underwater.

Where to Get a Marine Insurance Policy
Speak with your insurance company in Fall River about getting PWC insurance in Massachusetts. Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency provides a variety of personal watercraft insurance policies under their marine insurance policy offerings. Since 1956, Sullivan Insurance has been providing personal, business and marine insurance policies to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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