What You Need to Know If You Get in a Car Accident in Massachusetts

What You Need to Know If You Get in a Car Accident in Massachusetts

Auto Insurance Fall River, MASo you’re driving down the road minding your own business, when all of a sudden a car comes out of absolutely nowhere and hits you in the middle of an intersection. Do you know what to do? What comes next? With over 120 million Americans commuting to work each day, its no wonder that there are over 11 million accidents reported each year. However, despite these incredibly high odds, not everyone has been in a car accident. If you have never experienced or witnessed one yourself, chances are you might not know what to do.

This article will give you an overview of the five things you need to do immediately following a car accident in Massachusetts and the five things you need to do with your Fall River auto insurance to get your car back on the road and your life back on track. Even if no one is injured, a car accident can be a scary thing. However, if you are prepared for what you need to do and what needs to be done following an incident, you will be more prepared and in control if and when the time comes.

Step One – Immediately Following the Accident
The accident just happened. It’s time to put your knowledge in action to help calm the situation and take care of the business that needs to get done.

#1 – Injuries
Are you okay? Are your passengers okay? Everyone might be rattled, but are there any injuries? If you can, check out the driver and passengers of the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident. Assess the situation and call 911 for emergency assistance if required.

#2 – Information
The next step is to exchange your car insurance coverage and personal information with the driver(s) of the other vehicle(s). Each driver needs to provide names, addresses and phone numbers to the other drivers involved. Write down the vehicle make, model and license plate number of each vehicle involved. Provide your auto insurance in Fall River information at this time as well.

#3 – Incident
Either contact local law enforcement to document the incident at the scene or go to the nearest station to file a report. Ask the officer for the report number, which you will need to give to your Fall River auto insurance agent. If possible, get a copy of the report as well for your records.

#4 – I-Witness
Just in case there is any question about who is at-fault in the accident, make sure to get contact information for anyone who witnessed your car accident in Massachusetts. Pedestrians, other drivers, passengers and anyone else that might help in case the situation is called into question. Use a camera or phone camera to take photos and document the scene as well.

#5 – Insurance
Make sure to contact your auto insurance in Fall River right away if you were involved in a car accident in Massachusetts or in any other state. Report any damages or injuries and give your agent all of the information that you gathered from the other driver(s).

Step Two – Taking Care of Business
Once you have reported the incident, contacted your Fall River auto insurance agent and have left the scene, it’s time to start taking care of business. Here are another five steps that you must take to make sure everything gets handled appropriately.

#1 – Estimate
Sometimes the damage after a car accident in Massachusetts looks worse than what it is and other times, a small scratch may be indicative of further damage below the surface. It is important to get your vehicle inspected to determine the estimated cost of the repairs. Contact your Fall River auto insurance provider for information on approved car repair facilities that can help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

#2 – Evaluate
Once again, it’s time to let your auto insurance provider do his job. Contact your insurance company to schedule a meeting with a claims adjuster who will look at all of the details of the incident and inspection information, along with police reports and witness statements. This information will help to determine fault and provide a comprehensive cost estimate of your car insurance coverage.

#3 – Examine
Check out all of the information that you receive from your Fall River auto insurance provider. Contact your local agent if you have any questions about the claims adjuster’s final assessment of your car accident in Massachusetts. You can also contact your agent to find out about your claims status, view any claim documents that were filed and get payment information so you can get your vehicle repaired.

#4 – Establish
Contact the car repair shop you are going to use and set up a plan of action to start making repairs. Give them all of the required paperwork from your insurance company that they need to start making repairs. Pay your car insurance coverage deductible directly to the repair shop and make sure they bill your Fall River auto insurance company or carrier for the balance.

#5 – Exhale
It’s all over. By now your car should be repaired and everything should be back as it was before the accident occurred. Follow up with your Fall River auto insurance provider to make sure there isn’t anything else you need to do on your end. They will let you know if anything has changed at all with your policy or if there are any other papers you need to sign.

Make Sure You Are Covered
Before you ever end up in a situation like this, make sure that you have the proper car insurance coverage from your Fall River auto insurance provider. This is not one of those areas where you can afford to cut back and “go cheap” just to save a couple of bucks. Your insurance agent can work with you to find a policy that will protect you and work within your budget.

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