How to Prepare and Protect Your Boat in Massachusetts

How to Prepare and Protect Your Boat in Massachusetts

Marine Insurance Fall River MassachusettsYour boat is an investment that must be protected from damage or disaster. The best way to protect your boat in Massachusetts is to get proper boat insurance coverage and to learn what you can do to prepare for an emergency situation. It is important to take some time to learn about boat and yacht insurance to make sure you have the right type and amount of coverage. Learning the basics about how to properly care for your boat and protect it from seasonal storms, flooding or severe weather situations, can also protect you in the event of a claim.

Is Your Boat Properly Secured?
Most boat owners are aware of the dangers posed by a boat that is not secured properly. Unsecured boats can cause damage to docks, marinas and other boats that are secured nearby. If your boat is not secured properly and causes damage to other boats or someone else’s property, you could be held liable.

If it is determined that you are negligent of properly securing your boat or yacht, you would become legally responsible for any damage that your boat causes. If you don’t know how to properly secure your boat it is important that you find out right away. Even if you have boat insurance coverage, your policy won’t be able to protect you if it is proven that you were negligent.

Speak with your Fall River boat insurance agent to find out more about boat insurance coverage in the State of Massachusetts. Make sure you have a policy that will cover your boat in the event of a natural disaster, vandalism or negligence by another boater. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have about boat and yacht insurance.

Are You Protected from Nature?
There are lots of different types of storms and natural occurrences that can cause damage to your vessel. To protect your boat in Massachusetts it is important to know what to expect and how to prepare for any possibility. Consider high water surges, tidal surves, waves, torrential rains, high winds, hurricanes and water spouts. Damage could be caused to your vessel by any one of these natural events.

If a major storm or hurricane is on its way, you need to be prepared. It can be helpful to make a checklist of all the things you need to do to prepare your boat for the storm. Marine experts say that the best place for a boat during a hurricane is on shore. If you have time to get your boat out of the water and get it onto a trailer so you can move your vessel to a secured indoor location, you can minimize the damage considerably. If you are able to get your boat out of the water but don’t have time to move it away from shore, secure both the boat and the trailer to a strong tree.

If you are unable to get your boat out of the water in advance of the coming storm, secure your boat with double mooring lines, giving enough slack so your boat will be able to rise with the higher tides. You can also drop anchor in a protected area, such as a narrow cove, inlet or harbor that is sheltered by land and trees. Speak with your Fall River boat insurance agent for even more marine safety tips.

Storm Preparation Basics
The following storm preparation basics can help you to protect your boat in Massachusetts during a storm. Make sure your boat and yacht insurance policy is up to date and keep a copy of your Fall River boat insurance policy, contact information and proof of coverage in a safe and protected place.

  • Don’t Stay in Open Water
    If you see or hear that a storm is coming while you are out on the water, get to shore as quickly as possible. Do not risk your life by staying out on the water, regardless of how much boating experience you have. Give yourself time to get to shore and safeguard your boat from potential damage in the storm.
  • Remove Personal Possessions
    Even if your boat is docked or moored securely in a storm, make sure to take any personal possessions or valuables with you when you leave your boat. Take any papers, maps, tools and supplies that could be damaged or would be difficult to replace if they were lost in the storm.
  • Remove Loose Items
    If there are any items that could come loose or get blown free on your boat and cause damage to the vessel, make sure to remove them. If you have a sailboat, remember to take down the sail and remove the mast to prevent damage. Seal your cabinets doors, drawers, windows and vents with duct tape to prevent them from flying open during the storm.
  • Don’t Try to Stick It Out
    A lot of boat owners make the mistake of thinking that they would better protect their boat if they stayed on it during a storm. Your boat can be replaced – that’s what boat and yacht insurance is for. Get safely inland before the storm hits. If you are unable to get to shore before the storm starts, use life jackets and take cover below deck if there is lightning.

Learn More About Boat Insurance Coverage
Speak with your Fall River boat insurance agent about your boat and yacht insurance policy to ensure that you are properly protected from natural storms and events. Knowing ahead of time that you have enough boat insurance coverage will allow you to spend the rest of your time planning and preparing to protect your boat in Massachusetts from whatever Mother Nature can throw your way.

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