Putting in a Pool? Contact Your Fall River Insurance Agency

Putting in a Pool? Contact Your Fall River Insurance Agency

fall river pool home insuranceSummer is finally here, and all anyone can think about is getting outdoors to enjoy some fun in the sun! If all this warm weather has got you thinking about dressing up your backyard to add some features that will help you to enjoy the season more, make sure to contact your agent about home insurance in Fall River. Any upgrades, including a brand new pool, hot tub, deck, patio, or outdoor cooking space, will need to be added to your MA home insurance policy. This will help to protect you and ensure that your property is appropriately covered in the event of a claim. Your current Massachusetts homeowners insurance will not automatically cover your new pool, built-in outdoor kitchen, or pergola. You need to contact your trusted Fall River insurance agency and have it added to your coverage.

What is Covered?

When you do add your new pool or other home feature to your MA home insurance policy, you might be wondering what is covered. Well, home insurance is designed to typically pay to repair a pool, spa, or awning if it becomes damaged by one of the other common risks covered by the policy. That means falling objects, such as a tree, or a fire. However, it is essential to note that most MA home insurance policy coverage does not include damage caused by water freezing in the pool, lines, or equipment, so make sure to properly drain and winterize all outdoor equipment before the first freeze to prevent problems from occurring.

There is also different types of coverage available for different kinds of pools. For example, a permanent above-ground or in-ground pool will be typically covered under the same type of coverage that is included in your homeowners policy. Other styles of pools, such as portable above-ground pools that can be moved or taken with you, might be covered under a “personal property” type of coverage. The best way to know which type of Massachusetts homeowners insurance would apply to your new summertime backyard feature is to speak with your Fall River insurance agency. Our agents can help you find the best home insurance in Fall River based on your needs to protect the things that matter most.

What About Liability?

When it comes to homeownership, there are lots of areas that need to be considered. Liabilities for people who become injured on your property can be financially devastating. Your MA home insurance policy likely includes liability coverage, which could help pay for costs if a guest becomes injured at a pool party or while visiting your home. This can also cover injuries sustained by anyone who comes on your property, including mail delivery service, package or appliance delivery, utility workers, inspectors, and other service providers. This is why it is very important only to hire contractors who are licensed and insured to provide workers compensation to their subcontractors or employees. If they become injured “on the job,” which is actually your property, you want to protect yourself from liability.

Many insurance industry experts consider a backyard pool to be an “attractive nuisance,” which is just a nice way of saying that it offers a positive, entertainment value, while also creating a potential safety risk. Even if someone jumps over your fence and uses your pool when you are not home, you could be held accountable for any injuries that are sustained. This is why your Fall River insurance agency will recommend that you offer extra safety and security provisions, such as an approved height and style of safety fence, pool alarm, padlocked or code-access gate, and anything else you can think of to protect your interests. Going above and beyond the local, county, and state requirements for safety and security is always a good idea for homeowners in Massachusetts and all across the country.

Your Responsibilities

If you are thinking about adding either an in-ground or above-ground pool, make sure to consider all of your responsibilities as a property owner. While your MA home insurance policy can protect you in many situations, there are still maintenance and preventive measures that must be provided to fully protect you from liability. Regular inspections of the pool itself, as well as all water lines, electricity, heaters, and any other extras, as well as ongoing pool cleanings and proper chemical balance, are essential. Improperly cared for pools can quickly become a public nuisance, attracting mosquitos and other insects that can become a health hazard. You could be held liable for any real or perceived damages caused by your neglect.

Get quality Massachusetts homeowners insurance from a Fall River insurance agency that you trust. Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency has an excellent reputation for providing home insurance in Fall River and the surrounding area. We have proudly served the local region since 1956. We represent many of the major insurance companies that operate in the Southcoast region, as well as several specialty carriers, to offer our customers a diverse array of policies and competitive pricing options. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service while using the latest industry technology to deliver the most effective coverage available. To get a FREE quote for a MA home insurance policy, give us a call at 508-678-9611.

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