Fall River Auto Insurance: Why Car Accidents Rise in Summer

Fall River Auto Insurance: Why Car Accidents Rise in Summer

car accidents in summer fall riverStatistics show that some of the worst accidents happen in our nation between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. There are several reasons why these numbers increase, but it is essential for Massachusetts car owners to be alert and practice defensive driving to avoid many common incidents on the roadway. Your Fall River car insurance agency can help you find comprehensive coverage for your new or used vehicle that will suit your lifestyle, driving habits, and budget. A FREE MA auto insurance quote can help you get the Fall River auto insurance you need at a price that you can afford. Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency in Fall River has been providing quality insurance to Southcoast residents since 1956, and we have a wide range of options designed to suit your needs.

Teen Drivers

One of the reasons why accidents increase during the summer is because there are more inexperienced teen drivers on the road. Summer vacation from school means more students driving around town, which increases the risk of summer car accidents each year. During this time, studies show that the number of average deaths that involve teen drivers between 16 and 19 years of age increase 16 percent each day compared to other seasons throughout the year. Other causes of teen driver involved accidents include things like talking, texting or otherwise operating a cellphone, looking at something inside the vehicle, and talking to other passengers in the vehicle. Distracted driving is a real thing for adult and teen drivers, so it is essential to stay focused on the road during the summer.

Heat-Related Issues

Mechanical issues can also plague drivers during the hot summer months, which can lead to a spike in accidents. Your Fall River auto insurance agency recommends that you get your vehicle checked before any long-distance road trips or summer vacations to prevent roadside issues. Tire blowouts, broken air-conditioning, and an overheated engine can result in problems that could lead to more serious accidents. Visibility issues, motor vehicle distractions, and stress from things not working properly can make drivers agitated and cause them to take their eyes off the road. While it is possible to drive in the summer without air-conditioning, a sudden outage on a hot day at noon could be problematic for the driver and everyone else in the vehicle.

Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Pedestrians

Summer also means that others will be out enjoying the warm weather as well, including motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Popular tourist areas offer a heightened risk, but even your local Fall River car insurance agents can tell you that the Southcoast are increased in non-motor vehicle traffic accidents exponentially. Watch out for others on the road, always keeping an eye on blind spots. Use your mirrors and look over your shoulder when parking, pulling out of a parking spot, turning corners, and changing lanes. Size and visibility can be a significant challenge when it comes to bicycles and motorcycles. Pedestrians might be crossing outside of a crosswalk, surprising drivers in the roadway. Keep a safe distance between you and a bicycle or motorcycle to prevent accidents. Contact your local insurance agency in Fall River for even more safe-driving tips year round.

Road Construction Zones

Much of the work done on roads in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island is completed during the summer months when conditions are better for asphalt and tar. Construction crews also work longer hours in the summer, taking advantage of early sunlight and late evenings to get projects finished on schedule. A construction zone might pop up unexpectedly, resulting in drivers changing lanes without signaling, experiencing issues with temporary or down signals, or stopping quickly in bumper-to-bumper traffic situations. Other common problems include road closures or detours that didn’t make it on your GPS device or other mapping systems that could cause accidents, delays, or other travel issues. When you come upon a construction zone, make sure to be alert, keep an eye out for other drivers, and stay within the posted speed limits.

Need a MA Auto Insurance Quote?

If you live anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island and are in need of an auto insurance quote, make sure to call Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency in Fall River. We proudly serve the vehicle owners of the Southcoast region with a wide range of Fall River auto insurance policy options available to suit their needs. We have the perfect coverage for your car, home, or business. Get a FREE MA auto insurance quote by calling 508-678-9611 and speak with one of our friendly agents. We can answer any questions you might have about Fall River car insurance or policies for any of the other areas that we service.

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