Fall River Auto Insurance: Top Causes of Snow & Ice Accidents

Fall River Auto Insurance: Top Causes of Snow & Ice Accidents

Fall River Auto Insurance in WinterEven the most careful driver can find themselves in the middle of a winter roadside accident due to driving issues and conditions caused by seasonal snow and ice. Living in New England has its weather-related challenges for sure, but the more you can do to avoid getting into an accident, the better it will be for your Fall River auto insurance. Whether you have full coverage car insurance or just a basic liability, auto insurance companies offer a full spectrum of options that can help you to protect your investment. Speak with your insurance agent in Fall River at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency to make sure you have coverage designed to meet your specific needs.

Top 7 Causes of Winter Accidents

Living in the northeastern states all your life can make you better equipped to drive on snow and ice. However, that does not mean that all of the drivers around you are as experienced or knowledgeable about winter driving. Staying alert and aware at all times will go a long way to prevent you from being involved in snow and ice related accident. Here are the top seven causes of winter accidents collected by data from regional auto insurance companies. Make sure you have full coverage car insurance or enough Fall River auto insurance to protect you and your investment in the event of an accident.

Cause #1 – Speed
If you usually have issues with not being able to “drive 55,” then you might have even more problems in the snow. If this isn’t your situation, you still need to be aware of other drivers on the road who drive too fast. Stay alert and aware, stick to the posted speed or go with the flow of traffic if everyone else is slowing down because of the slick roads.

Cause #2 – Time
When the roads are slick for any reason, be it snow, ice, slush, or even rain, you need to allow more time or space between you and the car ahead of you. Give yourself extra time to stop if the cars ahead suddenly break or skid around on the road. If you notice others breaking heavily, over-reacting, or otherwise taking risks, give yourself even more time to stop. Also, give yourself more time to get from point A to point B, leaving at least 15-20 minutes earlier or more each day for your commute.

Cause #3 – Visibility
To drive safely, you need to be able to see. You might be surprised to hear about all of the accidents recorded by Massachusetts auto insurance companies where the driver could not see because they failed to clear their window. Take time to scrape off snow and ice or use auto-features to melt it away before driving. Check your windshield wiper fluid and make sure that you have added a de-icing additive to help clear snow and ice that can build up while driving. Watch out for other drivers who may not have a clear line of sight and avoid them or drive carefully around them.

Cause #4 – Stopping
If you have to stop your vehicle for any reason, make sure you do so well off the side of the road in an area where you won’t get stuck. Better yet, pull off into a cleared parking lot to take care of whatever it is that you need to do. On the highway, be careful if you have to stop in a travel lane for any reason. Another stopped vehicle, congestion at off ramps, and just all-around busy roads can result in crashes caused by other vehicles approaching from behind.

Cause #5 – Acceleration
While you’re busy minding your speed, make sure that you don’t accelerate and take off too fast from stops. Roll carefully forward before proceeding to make sure you have enough traction to get going without spinning your tires.

Cause #6 – Brakes
When is the last time you checked your brakes? Before the first snowfall hits, you should get your brakes looked at and replace anything that needs to be repaired. You want to have excellent braking ability in the snow, especially when the conditions are slick. Bad brakes can cause you to hit the car in front of you, result in fishtailing or force you to even further increase your stopping distance. Know your vehicle and get your brakes checked to keep you, your passengers, and your vehicle safe.

Cause #7 – Risks
If you have to travel snowy and icy roads to get to work, take someone to the doctor, or take care of urgent business, that’s one thing. However, if you are driving around just to go shopping for non-essential items or go out for dinner, reconsider. The less time you spend on the road in winter driving conditions, the less likely you will be to get in an accident and have to file a claim with your insurance agent in Fall River. Reschedule things that can be rescheduled and stay home with the family for meals whenever possible.

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