Spring Safety Checklist for Best Home Insurance in Fall River

Spring Safety Checklist for Best Home Insurance in Fall River

Fall River Spring Safety Checklist for HomeownersAs the weather gets warm and people venture outdoors, it’s time to take stock of your home and the condition that it is in after the winter months. Fall River homeowners tend to focus on outdoor projects this time of year, including spring cleaning for landscaping, home repairs, and getting rid of accumulated clutter. The more you can do to stay on top of these chores, the safer you, your family, and your home will be. Part of home insurance in Fall River is keeping up with your property to protect your investment. Learning how to take care of projects that will prevent fires, break-ins, and damage will reduce your chances of filing a claim with your Fall River insurance agent. Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency in Fall River wants to help. Keep reading for some great tips to add to your springtime checklist for the best type of home insurance.

Start With the Yard

The first thing that people see when they drive past your home or stop in for a visit is your yard. Your Fall River insurance agent knows that taking care of landscaping isn’t just about looking neat, it’s about protecting you from liability. Tree limbs that have been damaged in the winter snow and ice should be trimmed or removed to prevent them from fall on cars, houses, fences, and other types of property. A tree limb that hangs near a neighbor’s property or could potentially fall on a neighbor’s property should be addressed right away. Keep your lawn properly mowed and edged to prevent issues with insects, weeds, and damage caused by neglect. You don’t want someone coming on your property to trip, fall, or slip due to chores that have been ignored. Remove all landscaping trash as you work on your property to prevent accidents or increased risks of accidents.

Check the House

Do an all-over inspection of your home as soon as the snow and ice melt. Check for damage to exterior walls, including brick, siding, and painted surfaces. Check for damage to fireplace chimneys, roofing, and gutters. Check gutters to see if they need to be cleared in preparation for spring rains. Remove any debris that has accumulated, such as leaves, twigs, acorns, and trash. The winds this year were really bad, so pretty much anything could have made its way into your gutters. A blockage will cause gutters to overflow and potentially become damaged. The goal is to move water away from the foundation of your home to prevent leaks and moisture indoors. Check to ensure that the flow from your gutters to the drainage is working properly to avoid any potential problems. Check doors, windows, and anything else that could have been damaged during the winter months.

Inspect Driveways & Sidewalks

The number one cause of claims made against Fall River homeowners are accidents related to slipping, tripping, and falling on the property. The vicious freeze-thaw cycle of winter can cause damage to cement, asphalt, pavers, and other surfaces. Driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, and even front steps can become damaged during a rough winter. Go around your property and check for damage. If you discover any cracks, buckles, or broken surfaces, make sure to work with a professional to make repairs right away. Consider putting caution tape or cones around a busted area until you can get someone out to fix it. Part of home insurance in Fall River is protecting yourself from risks just like this. A delivery person, family member, neighbor, or person passing by on the sidewalk could easily become injured due to this type of damage. Your Fall River insurance agent recommends that you fix it right away to avoid a lawsuit.

Outside Storage Areas

While clutter itself will not cause a fire, it becomes fuel to a fire when it starts. Make sure to keep all of your work areas clean, tidy, and clear of dangerous items. Garden sheds, garages, cellars, and other areas should be cleaned on a regular basis. Get rid of any fire hazards, such as stacks of newspapers and other paper debris, oil-soaked rags, old paint and cleaning fluids, and other used supplies. Check other spaces where things tend to get shoved, including around fireplaces, BBQ grills, hot water tanks, and laundry appliances. Inspect connections for outdoor hookups and move outdoor cooking items to at least ten feet away from your home for extra safety. Safely store things like pool chemicals, pest control products, paints, and fuel in a locked cabinet away from pets and kids.

Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency in Fall River

If you are in the market for a Fall River insurance agent, either for Fall River homeowners or vehicle owners insurance, you can count on Paul Sullivan to provide you with top quality coverage. Home insurance in Fall River is an important part of homeownership. Make sure that you have a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy and that your home has been properly covered in your existing policy. Get a FREE quote and insurance advice by calling 508-678-9611 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced agents.

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