Safe Driving Tips: Independent Insurance Agent in Fall River

Safe Driving Tips: Independent Insurance Agent in Fall River

Safe Driving Tips Fall RiverNo matter how many years you have been driving behind the wheel of a car, it is always good to learn new tips for safe driving. Your local Fall River auto insurance agent wants to help you stay safe on the local Southeastern Massachusetts roads. It is important to choose the best auto insurance companies for your needs. That’s why Paul Sullivan auto insurance in Fall River is an independent agent. We work hard to find the best solutions for each client based on their needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our team of qualified and experienced insurance agents in Fall River can help you get the best coverage and the smartest deal on auto insurance.

Tip #1 – Be Alert

When driving, it pays to be alert to everything around you. The weather is no exception. In Southern New England, we have a lot of extreme weather conditions year-round. From rain and wind to snow and ice, the key to safe driving is to slow down and stay alert. Avoid driving in fog and heavy precipitation. If you must go somewhere, make sure to brake gently and early to avoid hydroplaning in the rain or sliding on the ice. Use your lights to make yourself more visible to other drivers who may be struggling with visibility issues. Be alert for changing road conditions and pull off the road if it gets too dangerous.

Tip #2 – Be Wary

When you come to an intersection, don’t go until you are sure everyone else is yielding or stopping as they should. Your local Fall River auto insurance agents know that many claims are filed due to a driver not stopping properly at an intersection. When the light turns green, wait a couple of seconds before moving just in case another driver is running a red light. Auto insurance companies deal with accidents like this all the time. The best way to avoid an accident is to be cautious and pay attention to what other drivers around you are doing.

Tip #3 – Safe Distance

In some states, you can get a ticket for driving too close to the vehicle in front of you. It is important to learn how to properly estimate how much stopping distance you will need. This number can change drastically depending on the weather conditions. If the weather is sunny and the roads are dry, you should keep at least three to four seconds between you and the car ahead of you. This will give you enough room to stop. If the weather conditions are poor, such as wet or slick roads and dark, gloomy skies, give yourself at least double the amount of space for stopping. Check the local drivers’ handbook for more tips or speak with your insurance agent in Fall River for information on safe driving courses in your area.

Tip #4 – Multi-Tasking

We’ve all done it. Eating breakfast on the way to work while driving. Handling a conference call on the speaker phone while driving. Changing the song on the radio while driving. It is important to keep both hands on the steering wheel and avoid multitasking while driving. The more focused that you are on the road and the other drivers around you, the less likely you will need to make a claim with auto insurance companies for an accident. Drivers who pay attention and avoid distractions are less likely to be involved in a collision during a commute.

Tip #5 – Children

While kids fall into the category of multitasking while driving, they still deserve their own mention. Do not allow your kids to distract you while driving. If an argument springs up or if someone is misbehaving, have a plan to pull over and deal with it off the road. If someone drops something, tell them you will get it when you stop. Don’t try to reach into the back seat to pick something up – even if they are crying. If crying occurs, pull over and get the item or soothe the child off the road. Older children can be told that no arguing or complaining can happen during the drive. Driving on the expressway is no time to be playing referee!

Tip #6 – Vehicle Maintenance

Your Fall River auto insurance agent recommends that you stay on top of vehicle maintenance, such as ensuring that tires are in good condition and properly filled. It only takes a couple of minutes to check at the local gas station or use a pocket device to check it yourself. Many cars come with tire pressure alert systems. If you receive an alert, take care of it right away. Make sure to perform oil changes, brake checks, and other essential servicing on time to prevent maintenance-related accidents or breakdowns.


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