Home Insurance in Fall River: Why You Need a Home Inventory

Home Insurance in Fall River: Why You Need a Home Inventory

Home Insurance Inventory in Fall RiverIf you lost your home and everything in it to a fire, it can be difficult to have to sit down and remember every item that was lost. The same is true of a theft or other type of loss-causing disaster. Your local Fall River insurance agency highly recommends that you create a home inventory. While it can take awhile to complete the first time that you do it, it is an important step in ensuring that you have the best home insurance coverage possible. When you create a home inventory, you won’t have to worry about remembering the things that you own if you need to file a claim. Home insurance in Fall River and the surrounding area can only help you get back on track if you have a complete accounting of what was lost in your home.

Faster Insurance Claims

One of the most significant benefits associated with having a home inventory is that you will get paid quicker when you have to file a claim. Your insurance agent in Fall River can only process your claim once you fill in all of the damages. If you forget some things that you owned or if you take a few weeks to file the paperwork, it will take longer to get reimbursed. If you leave important items off because you had to make a claim by memory, you can’t go back later to get reimbursement once the claim has been paid.

There are three ways to perform a home inventory. You can use technology to your advantage and have a clear list of the things that you own. A home inventory is significant for large claims, such as a total home loss in a fire or a big storm. You should keep a copy of your inventory at home in a locked safe, but you should keep another copy somewhere else. Save images and lists to the “cloud” for online storage, keep a copy at work in a locked desk drawer, or keep an extra copy with a trusted family member. Just make sure you will be able to retrieve your list after a major loss when you need it.

Option #1 – Create a List

One easy way to create a home inventory is just to make a list. Some people are great list-makers, while others struggle a bit. If this sounds like something that you like to do, take pen and paper and create a list. You can scan your handwritten list into a computer, take a photo with your smartphone, or copy the list into a word program for safe-keeping. Just make sure you keep a copy outside of the house in case your computer, file cabinet, and safe are destroyed or lost as well.

Include the item and a description of the item, along with a serial number, if applicable. If you have a receipt, keep it with your inventory and scan or take pictures of it for virtual storage, as well. Write down the purchase date and estimated value, along with other useful information. The location of the item in the house (“bedroom” or “kitchen”) so you can quickly check for missing items in the event of a theft. Very valuable items should have very detailed records, such as jewelry, antiques, collectible items, and family heirlooms.

Option #2 – Make a Photo Gallery

If you like to take photos, a photo gallery can be used to create an inventory. Discuss ideas for sharing and keeping photos of your assets with your insurance agent in Fall River. You don’t need a fancy camera. The one that you have one your phone will work nicely, and it makes it easy to share to a “cloud” storage or with your Fall River insurance agency. You can even take a video and describe each item as you see it. Then you can go back later and take a photo of the serial number and receipt if you have it. Film inside closets, drawers, storage spaces, and garages to make sure you get everything in your images.

Option #3 – Use a Smartphone App

There really is an app for just about every purpose. There are several apps that can be used to catalog all of your assets for your home insurance in Fall River. Some insurance companies offer apps that can be used only by their clients, but in most cases, anyone can use them. Make sure the app you choose can be used by your Android or iPhone type smartphone. Check for any hidden fees, read reviews, and make sure you choose a trusted app for this purpose. Again, check with your insurance agent in Fall River for even more tips on using apps to catalog your assets for your home insurance policy.

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