Mid-Winter Car Care Tips From Your Fall River Insurance Agency

Mid-Winter Car Care Tips From Your Fall River Insurance Agency

Mid Winter Safety Check Fall RiverIt’s February, and it’s still snowing in New England. How is your car or truck holding up to the weather? If you took care of all the basics, such as performing an oil change, testing your brakes, and putting on snow tires, the chances are good that everything is fine. However, it’s a good idea to take some time to do a quick check to see if you need to perform any services. With the long winters we have here in the South Coast area, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. Your Fall River insurance agency wants you to make sure that you have the best auto insurance. If you have any questions about auto insurance in Fall River or want to go over your policy, give us a call at 508-678-9611.


Bring your vehicle to a local auto supply shop that offers a free battery check to see how your battery is faring this winter. It can be more difficult for a battery to operate in winter weather than it is in the summer. Your battery can die a lot easier in cold temperatures, so it is a good idea to get a free volt test. This will give you confidence and prevent you from getting stuck at work on a cold evening or being late getting the kids to school one morning. If there are issues, invest in a new battery right away. Many auto parts stores will provide discounts if you turn in your old battery, so don’t be afraid to ask.


One of the best ways to avoid accidents in the winter is to have lights that are in good working order. Since the sun sets earlier than usual, the chances are good that you are driving home from work in the dark. To reduce the risk for your commute, take time to check your lights and make sure they are all working. Get a friend to let you know if your brake lights, turn signals, emergency lights, headlights, and any other essential lights are out. If something needs to be replaced or if your lights are not as bright as they could be, take care of it right away. Even the best Fall River car insurance policy can only protect you so much if you don’t have good safety lights. It’s not just the law; it’s good common sense.


Before winter started, you should have done a check to make sure that your coolant or antifreeze was properly filled. Check the owner’s manual of your vehicle to determine what type of coolant or mix you should use for best results. Make sure you don’t have any leaks in the engine that would cause the coolant to drain. About halfway through the winter season or before any major trips, take time to check the coolant to make sure it’s still full. Perform radiator maintenance according to the schedule outlined in your owner’s manual, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


In addition to anti-freeze, there are two other fluids that can cause accumulated water to freeze inside of your vehicle. The best auto insurance in Fall River is prevention, so the more you can do to prevent accidents from happening, the better. Your Fall River insurance agency suggests that you keep your gas tank full during the winter months to prevent the fuel pump from freezing. It is also a smart idea in case you get stuck in snow, ice, or traffic, so you can keep the engine running to stay warm. Your windshield washer fluid also needs to stay full. Consider getting a freeze-proof fluid for the winter months so you will be able to clean and clear your windshield properly.


Another essential service that you need to provide is to your tires. The tire pressure is very important, as it can drop along with the air temperature. If you don’t have the right tire pressure, you could increase wear and tear on the tread. It can also lead to tread separation and cause an accident. Proper pressure offers better handling on the snow and ice. In addition to checking the pressure regularly, it is important to have the right tires. Car owners who live in an area where the temperature drops below 45 degrees on a regular basis need winter tires. These tires are designed to stay more flexible at lower temperatures and can increase traction when trying to stop on frozen or snowy roads.


It also pays to go over your Fall River car insurance policy with your local agent. You can get the best auto insurance coverage and pricing at Paul Sullivan Insurance Agency. We are an independent agency and work hard to get our clients the best deals on auto insurance in Fall River and the surrounding area. Give us a call at 508-678-9611 and speak with one of our agents to get a FREE quote on auto insurance.

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